What Is All Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for any woman. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are life-altering experiences, but they also irrevocably alter the body. That beautiful journey to motherhood comes at the price of a continuously changing body shape that leaves some women self-conscious about how they look after pregnancy. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA, we believe “one size does not fit all,” and that applies to the mommy makeover cost too.

What is a mommy makeover? Learn everything you need to know about this treatment, from the mommy makeover cost to what the recovery process is like. At our clinic, our primary goal is to help you love the way you look, and that begins with having enough information to make a fully formed decision.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

You can think of a mommy makeover as a type of package treatment that addresses a range of post-pregnancy body concerns. The truth about pregnancy is that no matter how life-affirming and joyous the experience is, it forever changes a woman’s body. Your hips become wider, your breast volume and shape changes, your stomach stretches, and even your legs take a new shape.

Many women do not have the time, energy, or interest to keep up an exercise routine after giving birth, and for good reason! Newborns are a lot of work for new mothers, whether it is a first child or the last. A mommy makeover is a quick way to return to your normal shape or finally realize your ideal shape after pregnancy. With a mommy makeover, you can stop worrying about what you look like and spend more time with your bundle of joy.

What Is Included In a Mommy Makeover?

The procedures and treatments included in a mommy makeover are highly customizable. Some women choose to treat all four target areas, while others treat only one or two. And each of the target areas has multiple treatment options, from minimally invasive treatments to full surgeries. At our clinic, we want you to be comfortable with the treatments in your package, and we will help you choose the treatments that are best suited to your needs.

The four targeted areas typically treated in a mommy makeover include the breasts, the stomach, the hips, and the legs. For most women, these are the areas that are most impacted by the rigors of pregnancy.


The breasts are often the most obvious area affected by motherhood. Both pregnancy and breastfeeding mean that your breast volume rapidly changes over the course of a year or two, which can mean that your breasts have a very different appearance than what you are used to. For most women, pregnancy sees the growth of breasts, while breastfeeding causes a loss of breast volume. Many women have skin laxity in their breasts after they are no longer producing milk.

In a mommy makeover, there are multiple solutions to perfect the shape and size of your breasts. These treatments include breast enhancement, breast reduction, and different methods of breast lifts, all of which can restore breasts to a desired natural appearance.

Tummy Tuck

One of the most difficult areas of the body to tone after pregnancy is the abdomen. The muscles, skin, and fat in the abdominal region stretch over the course of a pregnancy, not to mention lingering stretch marks or C-section scars that stubbornly refuse to fade. At a point, it becomes obvious that diet, exercise, and topical ointments are not enough to return your abdomen to its previous state.

Tummy tucks are included in mommy makeovers because they tighten skin, reduce the appearance of scars, remove excess fat, and tone the abdominal muscles all at one time. While tummy tucks are traditionally surgical procedures, there are some alternative non-surgical methods that can tighten skin and reduce scar appearance.


Many women gain weight and store fat in their thighs, hips, and buttocks over the course of a pregnancy. While this fat serves a purpose during a pregnancy, some women struggle to shed the excess after giving birth. In a mommy makeover, liposuction is typically performed on the hips and thighs. There are a few different methods for liposuction which we can explore with you at the time of your consultation.

Spider Veins

It is common for the hormone fluctuations and the changes in blood pressure during a pregnancy to cause spider veins to form in the legs. Spider veins are small areas of tiny veins that branch just beneath the surface of the skin, and they do not go away on their own. Treatment for spider veins is included in a mommy makeover because of how common spider veins are in post-pregnant women. There are one or two treatment methods for spider veins that we will discuss at your appointment.

Adding Other Treatments

Some women wonder if it is possible to add other treatments onto their mommy makeover, such as having liposuction done on the neck or arms. In general, adding other treatment depends on certain factors, such as how long recovery will be or if the skin in these areas is compatible with the treatment. If you are interested in combining your mommy makeover with other treatments at our clinic, please ask our expert staff at your consultation appointment.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

Those who are seriously considering this package of treatments usually share one question: how much does a mommy makeover cost? This is a fair question but one that is difficult to answer without quoting the individual price of each treatment in your mommy makeover. In general, the average cost of a mommy makeover ranges from $10,000 to $30,000. 

Factors That Change Mommy Makeover Costs

There are a great many factors that can change the total mommy makeover cost. For example, prices for mommy makeovers vary from clinic to clinic based on location and additional surgeon fees. Mommy makeover cost can also depend on how many treatments you have, how long it takes to complete those treatments, and additional treatment fees, such as sedation.

Financing the Mommy Makeover Cost

At our clinic, we believe that finances should be the least of your concerns when you are considering a mommy makeover. There are many ways to finance a mommy makeover. We have partnered with both Care Credit and Alphaeon for patient financing. Our financing staff will gladly help you explore all of your financing options.

The Mommy Makeover Process

Although your mommy makeover is a combination of treatments, the process of a mommy makeover is the same as any other treatment or procedure. While many factors, such as the use of general anesthesia, depend on the exact treatments performed, the entire mommy makeover process all starts the same. From your initial appointment to the expected recovery, we will walk you through every step involved in a mommy makeover.

Initial Appointment

Your first appointment is a consultation that will focus on your aesthetic goals. We will discuss your desired appearance and the treatments that you are interested in. Part of the screening process during a consultation for packages like this involves a general medical history, current medical status, and any medications you are taking that might affect treatment.

Part of determining your candidacy for a mommy makeover is discussing your family planning, such as how long ago you gave birth, if you are currently breastfeeding, and if you plan to have more children. For most patients, we advise that they wait at least 12 months after giving birth to have a mommy makeover and to cease breastfeeding in preparation for your treatment. We also advise waiting to have a mommy makeover until you are done having children.

During your consultation, we may take photographs for your medical file that will be used as a reference to create your personalized treatment plans. We may ask that you complete certain medical tests, such as a mammogram, as part of your screening for some treatments.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines

You will be given pre-treatment guidelines for each of your selected treatments. These guidelines may include advice to stop taking certain over-the-counter medications or to stop using certain products. You may also need to arrange for transportation on the day of your treatment. We will discuss these guidelines in further detail at your appointment.

Treatment Steps

Step One: Anesthesia

Depending on which treatments are part of your treatment plan, it may be necessary to administer general or local anesthesia for your comfort for the duration of the treatment. Most mommy makeovers include procedures that require sedation as multiple treatments are being performed at one time.

Step Two: Treatments

Your treatments are determined at your consultation appointment and outlined in your treatment plan. Depending on your specified treatments and the methods used, a mommy makeover takes 3 to 8 hours to complete.

Post-Treatment Guidelines

After your treatments are complete, you will be given a list of post-treatment guidelines. It is important to follow these guidelines so that you can have a smooth recovery from your treatments. The post-treatment guidelines will include:

  • Instructions on surgical dressings
  • Medications to avoid
  • Advice on treating swelling or soreness
  • Prescription medications to take


The main advantage of having a mommy makeover is the fact that recovery for all treatments happens at one time. For the first several days to weeks following your mommy makeover, you will be advised to avoid strenuous activity. Most women can resume normal activity within 1 month following the treatment. The first week of your recovery will include some swelling and soreness, which are temporary side effects that will fade with time.

Part of your recovery will include follow-up appointments at our office. These appointments will ensure that you are healing well from each of your treatments. We will advise you on when you can resume normal daily activities, such as work or exercise, at these appointments.


The results of a mommy makeover are immediately noticeable as you start to heal. You will see the change in your shape, including your breast volume and the flatness of your stomach. Some results, such as those for spider veins, emerge over time. Overall, the results of your mommy makeover will be most obvious about 3 to 4 weeks following treatment.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover include any woman who is not satisfied by her appearance after having children. There are some restrictions on who can be a candidate for these treatments, such as women who are still breastfeeding or who plan to have more children.

Learn More

If you think you might be a candidate for a mommy makeover, contact Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA to schedule your initial consultation today. We look forward to the opportunity to help you get your pre-baby body back and reach your ideal appearance.

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