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Consultation: Consultation: Dr. Stanley Okoro – $250, Consultation: Physician Assistant – $100, Consult 2nd Opinion – $500, Surgery Booking Deposit – $1000, Payment: Deposit – $2000, Payment: Other $1000, Payment: Other – $250, Consult Fee: Insurance – $177.24, Payments: Miscellaneous – $25, Custom


Why We Charge A Consultation Fee to meet the Doctors

And why a “free consultation” is not necessarily in your best interest.

1) We believe that in consulting with a professional – as with all things in life – “you get what you pay for.”

If You Pay Nothing, You Receive Nothing of Value.

Unfortunately, too often, a “free consultation” for cosmetic surgery turns into nothing but a high-pressured sales pitch. Rather, a professional consultation should be a learning experience, an educational opportunity for you and not a “sales closing.” It should function solely for your benefit and to your advantage. Our Plastic Surgeons spends time with his patients listening and understanding their desires. He believes that a patient should not be pressured in making a very important & personal decision. Simply put, you will feel at home at his office. The purpose of the consultation is for you to learn & to determine if it is the right thing for you to do. Through the process of listening to you, understanding your desires and conducting an examination, an appropriate recommendation will be made. That recommendation might even be that nothing be done.

2) Consultation fees also help weed out what is referred to as a “Looky loo.” This is a term for someone who looks at something with no intention of buying it. In cosmetic surgery, it’s a person who may not be serious about booking a surgery or procedure but just wants to see what a consultation is all about. They may be interested in getting attention and pampering, or just want to satisfy their curiosity. This is not to say curiosity is wrong, but our Plastic Surgeons prefers not to invest time in patients who never intend to have the surgery.

It would be like having someone analyze your vehicle or the alarm system in your home to determine a problem or glitch you believe you may have. The technicians will goes over everything and gives you options and a quote, then you say, “Thanks, but I’m not interested in fixing it at this time.” In fact, you knew you weren’t interested in having it fixed, or you couldn’t afford it, but you were curious as to what could be done and how much it would cost.

3) Some physicians who are not trained as Plastic Surgeons, but pose as “cosmetic surgeons” may offer free consultation as a way to attract more patients to their practice. Most of these free consults are quick visit with a sales consultant, Nurse or Physicians Assistant (PA) and not the physician. Even when the physician is involved, he or she may not invest the time to evaluate the patient. Free consult is just what it is. Free. Why should you pay to see a non Plastic Surgeon? We believe these types of consults should be free, since you are not spending the time with the Plastic Surgeon and not receiving anything of value. Additionally, many patients are not aware of the differences between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. There is a very big difference. Click here to learn more. Ask this question – Board certifed in What? Some offer bargain cosmetic surgery. Do you really want to bargain your cosmetic outcome? Remember, “You get what you pay for.”

The following is taken from a booklet by Mark Sugar entitled “A Guide to Choosing a Good Plastic Surgeon” (published 1990):

“Doctors usually charge a consultation fee for your first visit, which may be as much as $150 or more (but is applied against your surgery fees), but the amount of their initial consultation fee should not really play a role in deciding who you consult. After all, you will presumably be spending thousands of dollars on surgery which could cost many more thousands to try to correct elsewhere if done poorly, so an extra two or three hundred dollars in consultation fees should not be a basis for narrowing the field. I thought I was saving money by consulting with six doctors who charged no initial fee, but in hindsight realize that the best doctor was the seventh one who charged a $75 fee (he ended up correcting part of my botched surgery). I feel that doctors who charge no consultation fee use it as a sales tool to attract clients while those that charge a fee may be relying more on their reputations.”

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