MyEllevate or Zoom Lift

What is MyEllevate or Zoom Lift?

MyEllevate or Zoom Lift is a minimally invasive neck lift procedure used to treat and sculpt aging neck and jawlines using special sutures. The procedure refines and restores the neck and jawline line with minimal downtime. MyEllevate may eliminate the need for open neck lift and it can be combined with many contouring procedures of the neck such as liposuction, Facetite, and Morpheus8 microneedling with RF.

Who is a Candidate for MyEllevate?

The best candidates are healthy adults who are not happy with the skin or excess fat around the neck.

Can it be combined with other Procedures?

MyEllevate restores youthful neck and jawline. Our Plastic surgeons often combine it with Liposuction & other skin tightening procedures for the best outcome. The most common procedures are Liposuction plus Facetite, SmartLipo, or ThermiTite.

How is MyEllevate done?

MyElevate is performed in our fully accredited surgery center using local anesthesia and relaxing medication. There is usally no need for general anesthesia. The area of loose skin or excess fat is numbed with local anesthesia. We typically offer additional anxiety medicine to help you relax during the procedure.

Small micro-incisions are made in the skin and the MyEllevate probe is inserted in the area. Our micro-incision is so tiny that stitches are not required. Often, Facetite and liposuction are performed initially and MyEllevate is then completed by our plastic surgeons. The entire procedure lasts about 1-2 hours, and patients can return home immediately after. Our patients return to work in about 7-10 days most of the time. Common side effects include swelling, soreness, bruising, numbness and itchiness in the targeted areas. 

Below is an animation of the procedure:

How about downtime for MyEllevate?

Most patients will need about 7-10 days off from pubic view to allow the swelling or bruising to subside.

How much does MyEllevate cost?

The average cost of MyEllevate by itself starts at $5000, but it is often combined with liposuction and skin tightening procedure such as FaceTite. These other procedure add to the final cost of the whole procedure. If you are planning to undergo the procedure and get the best results, plan to spend at least $8000. Most people will need liposuction and MyEllevate plus the cost of the facility or hospital.?

The results of MyEllevate procedure is noticed immediately and it continues to improve over the next 6 months. It has a long lasting results.

However, the aging process does not stop. MyEllevate slows the aging process. We encourage you to maintain your results by adopting a healthy lifestyle and ask us how to maintain your results with other treatments such as Morpheus8

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