How Do You Prepare for a Mommy Makeover?

Every woman’s body is different and therefore the effects of both pregnancy and breastfeeding will be unique to every woman. The good news is that with a mommy makeover, the damages sustained can easily be reversed with just a single procedure. The gifted surgeons at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Georgia are here to help you achieve the body you want.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a collection of cosmetic surgeries performed at once with the end goal of reversing pregnancy effects on the female form. The convenience of a mommy makeover is an extremely enticing option that will transform your figure with beautiful results. This procedure can be custom designed by you and your doctor, who will be addressing areas of the body that are of concern to you.

The areas to be augmented will mainly be on the breasts and abdomen, however additional areas can also be surgically altered per your individualized plan. While the idea is to restore your figure, many women report these results to be even more favorable than before their first pregnancy.

Questions to Consider Before Making the Decision

Do You Long for the Figure You Knew Before Pregnancy?

If pregnancy changes have left you feeling a bit uncomfortable in your own skin, then this procedure may be just what you need! Don’t be afraid to take control and get back to the fit body you once knew and loved.

Are You Finished Carrying Children?

Be certain that your child-bearing days are behind you. A procedure such as this is meant to correct the changes your body endures throughout pregnancy. Both the investment and recovery time should be motivation enough to get it right the first time and ensure these positive bodily changes are here to stay.

Are You at Your Goal Weight?

A mommy makeover isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, so be sure you’re happy at this weight. In addition, you should be able to maintain the size you are for at least six months. This procedure is meant to correct damages incurred from having children and should never be considered a method of weight loss. Instead, these results should accentuate the body that you already have.

Some Tips to Help You Prepare

Avoiding stress will do wonders during your recovery period, so it’s better to have a plan. Here are a few tips from us so you will be better prepared.

Schedule It at a Good Time

Plan for your surgery and be sure to schedule it at a time that will work for you and your personal life. Take a good look at your calendar and choose when is best for you.

Take Enough Time Off Work

Take off enough time to recover before going back to work. Three weeks is an ideal length of time but at the least be sure to schedule two weeks off from work. Put those vacation days to use and make sure your mommy staycation is long enough and stress-free. It’s better to take off more time than not enough.

Only Reveal What You Want

When you make this decision, there’s no need to go into detail if you do not want to. Tell people as much or as little as you would like. The best way to answer pesky people when asked for details is to just tell them you’re having female surgery. It is doubtful that anyone will want to pry further and this way you don’t have to embellish or be rude. Just remember that it’s your decision, your life, and your business.

Talking to Your Kids

Don’t leave your kids in the dark about your procedure. When you speak to them, do so on a level that they will understand. First, you need to stress to them that you are okay and there is no need to panic because their mom isn’t sick.

For most children, the idea of a parent having surgery can be scary. Explain to them that you are fixing some issues sustained from your pregnancy, although do this gently. Avoid using negative words and make sure they do not feel that they are to blame.

Get Help with Kids

Throughout the healing process, you’re going to need help with the children and other home responsibilities, so secure adequate help for whatever you normally do that you can’t do now: cooking, cleaning, driving the kids around, running errands, grocery shopping, etc. This is extremely important, so be sure someone is there for you.

Activities for the Children

There’s no reason to feel guilty for wanting to be your best self, but we know that it can be hard when it comes to your children and their needs. Planning various activities and keeping them on a schedule will be good for them. Ensuring that they stay busy and entertained will not only work wonders for those that pitch in, but you will probably feel better too.

Secure a Ride to and From Your

You must find dependable transportation to and from your procedure. When you awake, the anesthesia will still have quite an effect on you, so you will not be able to drive. Because of this, depend on someone not only to provide a ride but also stay with you at home until the anesthesia wears off.

Commit to Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits

It’s important to practice good eating and exercise habits because you need to be your best for surgery. Exercising in the months prior to the day will make your body stronger, and a stronger body heals faster. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and get good sleep. Each of these factors will aid in the healing process.

Ask About Concerns You May Have

This is probably a given, but you should ask your surgeon any question that comes to mind. Not only will it ease your mind, but it’s important to know everything before the big day. Writing down any questions you may have will help during your consultation and ensure you have covered all your bases.

Avoid Taking Blood Thinners

Stop using medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and other medications days before your surgery to ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Avoid Smoking

Steer clear of cigarettes right now because it will delay the healing process. That’s because the nicotine from cigarettes restricts the free flow of blood to the surgical sights where it is greatly needed.

Have All Post Surgery Supplies Readily Available

Arrange everything you will need for the first few days after surgery and keep these within reach of your bed. Items like extra blankets, pillows, medicine, bandages, magazines, and other supplies should be well within your grasp right after surgery.

Don’t Be in a Rush

It’s natural to want to look your best after having children, however, you shouldn’t rush into this procedure. Pregnancy is certainly rough on a woman’s body, so take time to heal. Wait at least six months after breastfeeding your last infant before booking a consultation.

This is about the length of time it takes for your body to return to its former state. Your breasts, abdomen, and uterus are enlarged during and after pregnancy, so be patient while your body is adjusting. Your doctor must know your true body size in order to adequately devise your surgical plan.

The Day of Your Procedure

  • Dress comfortably
  • Shower that morning
  • Be fully rested
  • Don’t wear makeup or moisturizers

What Not to Do When Recovering

Several weeks after your surgery will be spent healing your fabulous new figure. Be strict with yourself when it comes to following your doctor’s orders. As with many surgeries, these same rules will apply:

  • Do not drive a vehicle
  • Avoid any heavy lifting
  • Refrain from engaging in strenuous activities


Your Surgical Plan

The main areas of concern to women post-childbirth usually include the breasts and abdomen, but this does not ring true for every woman. Perhaps you would like additional areas to be addressed, which is why this procedure can be customized for your unique situation.

The following procedures, and more, will have you looking your best sooner than you know!

Tummy Tuck

This procedure focuses on tightening your abdominal muscles and removing access skin that may appear to sag after pregnancy. The results are much flatter skin on the abdomen and stronger stomach muscles.

Breast Enhancement

There are several directions you can go, depending on what you feel is right for you. During pregnancy, your breasts may lose their symmetry, volume, and lift.

Common Breast Enhancement Procedures

  • Breast implants
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Symmetry Correction


Nipple Repair

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can completely change the appearance of your nipples. If you feel it necessary, your surgeon can also perform a procedure to repair cracked, enlarged, or stretched nipples.


While this procedure is not to be used as a means for weight loss, it can be used for surgically removing those pesky, exercise-resistant fat pockets that have developed in different areas of the body as a result of pregnancy.

Surgery Jitters

It’s completely normal to feel anxious before your procedure, which is why it’s important to speak with your doctor about any concerns you might have. Additionally, leaning on supportive friends and family members for emotional support prior to your procedure is always a good idea. It is important to fight through your anxiety and focus on the outcome and positive changes ahead. A huge comfort associated with this procedure is the security of knowing all of your concerns will be addressed with just one surgery.

Psychological Advantages

Your kids are a blessing and growing them in your womb for several months was a magical experience. However, this gift of procreation came with a few less than favorable side effects. While some women may see their altered body as battle scars to be proud of, that’s not always the case.

For many women, a mommy makeover will restore a sense of confidence and happiness that may have faded away during pregnancy. A lack of contentment from weight gain and delivery is an important topic that mothers shouldn’t accept as their new normal. Being comfortable with your body is what this makeover is all about, and these results can be life-changing. Discovering the new you with the help of our doctors will open doors to the body you once considered an asset.

Turn Your Dream Into a Reality

There are a variety of procedures to choose from, so what are you waiting for? The new you is just around the corner, waiting to shine. Claim the body you want by contacting Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, Georgia to book a consultation today.

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