ThermiTight is the latest minimally invasive technology to tighten sagging skin on the face, neck, and body with little downtime. ThermiTight is a single treatment solution without surgery, and  is a type of ThermiRF. We are the first practice to introduce it to Atlanta Georgia and have the most experience using this technology! Our office serves as the Thermi Center of Excellence where we train other doctors.

ThermiTight uses thermistor-regulated radio frequency (RF) energy to achieve desired cosmetic results. Radio frequency (RF) energy is a safe and effective way to heat body tissue. It safely heats body tissue to stimulate collagen and skin tightening.

Where Is ThermaTight Effective?

ThermiTight can be used on areas of the face or body that can benefit from skin tightening or lifting. These areas include the face, neck, breast, abdomen, back, upper arms, and thigh

How Many Treatments?

ThermiTight is a single treatment solution without surgery. Most our patients require only one treatment session. The treatment itself typically takes less than one hour, and poses minimal post-treatment redness and swelling—many patients resume their normal activities right away! In certain cases, additional ThermiTight treatments may be needed to achieve a patient’s desired improvement.

What Kinds of Results Can I Expect?

Results with ThermiTight develop gradually and are long-lasting. Most of our patients see their results in a few weeks. We are the first practice to introduce it to Atlanta Georgia and have the most experience using this technology!

frequently asked questions

ThermiTight works by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy underneath the skin, heating the structural tissue and causing contraction and tightening, which improves laxity and sagging.

ThermiTight is not a laser. Unlike RF energy, Laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the skin’s surface, the RF energy stimulates the production of collagen (which supports the skin) from within. ThermiRF can be used to tighten the skin of the face, neck, back, chest and arms. ThermiRF is the first aesthetic therapy with temperature control. This means the clinician can set the desired temperature and deliver the therapy reducing risk of burns to the patient.

Commonly treated areas include the lower face and neck,  abdomen,  love handle, upper arms, back, and more. The ThermiTight treatment is often combined with liposuction if excess fat is also a problem.

ThermiTight is a single treatment solution for loose skin anywhere in the body. The treatment usually takes less than 1 hour.

The ThermiTight treatment typically takes less than one hour.

ThermiTight can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction. Liposuction is frequently combined for the treatment of excess fat.

There is often immediate visible tightening. Most of our patients will see a significant improvement within a few weeks, but maximal improvement can take three or four months.

Because of the built-in safety features of the ThermiTight RF system, side effects are very unlikely. The device monitors the actual beneath-the-skin temperature, which is kept below the threshold that can cause thermal damage. In addition, an external infrared camera is used to monitor the skin surface temperature.

Although ThermiTight RF treatments can be used safely on nearly all patients, those with extremely loose skin or sagging of the deeper fascia layer may require surgery such as a face lift.

The cost of ThermiTight varies according to the areas being treated. To learn more, please request a consultation with us.

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