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Fly In to Atlanta – for Plastic Surgery!

Go away for a few days and come back home looking younger. If you are interested in going on “Vacation” and looking better when you return, we have the plan for you. We love to cater to International patients interested in cosmetic & plastic surgery. Many of our patients are from outside of Atlanta.

Are you interested in having a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure with our Plastic surgeons, and have concerns on how to coordinate? That is not a problem! Our out of town program is the plan for you. Our Plastic surgeon, Dr. Okoro is well traveled and have consulted with patients from all over the world.

All major airlines fly to Atlanta International Airport. Most offer direct nonstop service to Atlanta. Local hotels are conveniently located close to our office. Our out of town coordinator will walk you through a process that will ensure complete care and a comfortable, pleasant experience. Our goal is to make Atlanta your cosmetic surgery “vacation” destination.


You can begin your out of town procedure with a consultation using any of the following 3 methods:

1) The ideal situation is to fly-in or drive in for a personal consultation and meet with Dr Okoro and the staff before making any decisions. To arrange for your confidential consultation, please contact us.

2) Online virtual consultation using Skype® video. (Ideal for the patient who have digital photos to upload and have access to video chatting.) Once we receive your photographs and your completed medical history forms, we will prepare a “virtual consultation.” Send your email to

3) Send-in photos of the area you wish to improve or correct. Once we receive your photographs and your completed medical history forms, we will prepare a “virtual consultation.” Include a cover letter outlining your expectations, so that we can fully understand your aesthetic needs. Send your information by email or you can mail it to

Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
c/o Out of Town Program Coordinator
2285 Asquith Avenue
Marietta GA 30008

You will be contacted by our Patient Coordinator and advised of the assessment and all fees for your desired surgery. She will also suggest transportation, hotel and/or post-operative care accommodations, as well as discuss your proposed length of stay in Atlanta. If you wish we can provide you with our preferred transportation and hotel accommodation in the Atlanta area. Whatever option you chose, we aim to provide you with a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience.


Many of our out of town patients schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Stanley Okoro. This allows you to discuss the procedure with our Plastic surgeons and gather information regarding the enhancement you desire. The Virtual Consultation is usually done by phone, but in some instances we can arrange for a Skype or video chat. A phone consultation usually lasts 20-45 minutes. Our Plastic surgeons has been doing virtual consultations for years and patients have contacted us from all over the world. The consult fee for a U.S. call is $150.

Before your virtual consultation, you will need to fill out our new patient paperwork and take photographs of the area you would like to enhance. Your photographs are then sent to our office for Dr. Okoro’s reference when he discusses the procedure with you. Please be assured that your photographs are highly confidential and will become part of your private medical record. Following the virtual consultation, you will be able to schedule a tentative surgery date pending a regular consultation in our office. A regular office consultation is still required prior to your surgery. Many out of town patients schedule their regular consultation 1-2 days prior to their scheduled surgery.

Confidentiality of Medical Information and Photos

All medical information and photos shared with us are confidential and are part of your medical record. We want you to know that all of our employees continually undergo training so that we may understand and comply with government rules and regulations regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) with particular emphasis on the “Privacy Rules”. We strive to achieve the very highest standards of ethics and integrity in performing services for our patients. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

After your forms and photos are received, we will contact you to schedule your Virtual Consultation. Please make sure you send us accurate and current phone numbers and times at which you can be reached. During the consultation, you will speak with our doctors as they review your photos with you. Together you will discuss your goals, questions, and concerns. Note: This Virtual Consultation is considered a confirmed appointment with our doctors and must be treated with the same respect as an office consultation. If you need to cancel or reschedule this appointment, please call our office at (770) 485-1554 at least 48 hours prior to your Virtual Consultation to cancel or reschedule.


Pre-op & Surgery Schedule
Once you and our plastic surgeon have decided on a tentative surgical plan, our Patient Care Coordinator will help you to coordinate all of your travel and surgical plans. She will also assist you with finding local accommodations near our office. A deposit for your surgery will be required to secure your pre-operative and surgical dates. The balance will be collected at your pre-operative visit which typically 2 weeks prior to your surgery date.

Pre-operative Visit
Your first visit with our doctors in our office will include your initial office consultation with a history and physical examination. Pre-operative and post-operative forms, instructions, and consent forms will be sent to you prior to your surgery. Your Pre-operative Packet will contain copies of surgical consents, pre-operative and post-operative forms and instructions. Please review this packet in its entirety and bring with you to your appointments. We schedule ample time for your first visit so that all questions and concerns can be answered.

Surgical Visit
Your elective cosmetic surgery will be performed at Asuch Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art fully accredited ambulatory surgery center. Asuch surgery center is located on the first floor of our building. It features well trained surgical staff, top notch equipment, private entrance, loving and secure environment for your privacy and safety. If your procedure requires a hospital stay, we can perform it at any of hospitals which includes Northside Hospital, WellStar Kennestone, WellStar Cobb, or WellStar Windy Hill. Our facility uses a combination of Board Certified Anesthesiologists and CRNAs. Following your surgery, you will be given direct access to our doctors.

Post-operative Visits and Recovery
Surgical patients must plan on staying in the Atlanta area for approximately 7-10 days or longer and some less. You will be seen during your stay and always on the day prior to your departure. The complexities of each patient’s surgery will determine this timeframe. Our doctors will discuss the your personal recovery time frame with you during your Virtual Consultation so you can plan accordingly.


We require a follow up visit to ensure a complete and safe recovery. The follow up visit times varies depending on the type of surgery. Our Out of Town Program Coordinator will offer available dates. There is no additional charge for your follow up.


Atlanta’s success is due in no small part to its quality of life, which is hard to beat. Atlanta is often called ATL or Hotlanta. The city has a small-town quality to it, with dozens of neighborhoods and parks. A temperate climate makes Atlanta a magnet for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, and the city’s Southern roots ensure graciousness and hospitality. As Atlanta has grown in stature, it has attracted residents from across the continent and around the world, further enriching the city’s social fabric. You’ll still hear gentle Southern accents here, but at least half of Atlanta’s citizens were born outside the South. Interestingly, many of these transplants find themselves bending to the local customs, saying “please” and “ma’am” and holding doors open for one another.

Atlanta is home to major art, science, nature, and archaeology museums, a vibrant theater community, an outstanding symphony orchestra, a well-regarded ballet company, opera, blues, jazz, Broadway musicals, a presidential library, Confederate and African-American heritage sites, and dozens of art galleries. Add to those leisure options such attractions as Stone Mountain Park, a regional theme park, a botanical garden, and professional sports teams, and you have the makings of a lively and sophisticated city. The culinary spectrum here ranges from grits and biscuits to caviar and sushi. Sure, you can still feast on fried chicken and barbecue, but Atlanta also serves up cuisine from across the globe.

Consistently ranked one of the best cities in the world, Atlanta is headquarters for hundreds of corporations, including Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, UPS, Holiday Inn, Georgia-Pacific, Home Depot, BellSouth, and Cox Enterprises, and has become a magnet for many Internet-related companies. A major convention city and a crossroads where three interstate highways converge, it’s home to the country’s busiest airport. And all those convention-goers certainly find many places to spend money — Atlanta is considered the shopping capital of the Southeast. Although the city limits are only 131 square miles, the metro area is vast and sprawling. With a population of 5.5 million and still counting, there seems to be no limit to its growth.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (, located 10 miles south of downtown, is the world’s busiest passenger airport and transfer hub, accommodating 86 million passengers a year. Despite its size, the airport is well planned and easy to negotiate, with six concourses, dozens of restaurants and retail shops, facilities for travelers with disabilities, car-rental desks, and banking and currency-exchange offices. Many airlines have non-stop direct flights to Atlanta. Atlanta is a the major hub for Delta airlines and Southwest airlines

To arrange for your confidential consultation, please contact us today.

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