ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive skin smoothing procedure for precise smoothing of the delicate skin especially around the face and eyes. ThermiSmooth is performed using a specially designed thermistor regulated hand piece which delivers precise heating to the skin’s surface. ThermiSmooth uses ThermiRF system to generate the RF energy. ThermiSmoothtreatments are gentle and patients often say it feels like receiving a warm massage.

Recent clinical studies show that the skin will shrink when controlled heated is applied to reach a safe temperatures in excess of 40°C. ThermiSmooth starts to stimulate new collagen production over a period of time. The result is smoothing of the treated area over time.

What do I expect during treatment with ThermiSmooth™?

After applying a small amount of gel, the ThermiSmooth™ hand piece is applied to the skin’s surface. The ThermiRF™ system is set to a specific target temperature (i.e.., 42°C – 45°C). The hand piece is gently moved in a sweeping or circular fashion while gradually heating up the skin surface. As the skin’s temperature rises to the targeted temperature, the ThermiRF computer automatically adjusts the energy output to ensure precision of heating. A small zone is treated for about 5 minutes to achieve the goal of sustained heating to the target tissues. Treatments are repeated several times to achieve the desired cosmetic result

How many treatments are needed?

Unlike ThermiTight™, which is a single treatment, ThermiSmooth™ requires multiple treatment session. We recommend about 4 treatment sessions. Most of our patients receive treatment once per week for 4 weeks.

What about results?

Results with ThermiSmooth™ develop gradually and are long-lasting. Most of our patients see their results in a few weeks. We are the first practice to introduce it to Atlanta Georgia and have the most experience using this technology!

For more information about ThermiSmooth™ or to schedule a confidential consultation at our plastic surgery center, please call us or email us today!

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