Mommy Makeover: A Winning Combination

by Dr. Stanley Okoro

When consulting with mothers who are done with childbearing and looking to reverse some of the changes that motherhood has caused to their bodies, I am often asked:  “Is it safe to combine breast lift/augmentation, etc. with a tummy tuck?”  The short answer is yes, and there are some advantages to doing so, outlined below.

Single downtime and recovery: Busy moms would benefit from the combination of procedures because this means that they can avoid taking time off from work (and life!) multiple times to recover.  For a tummy tuck, the recommended time off is about two weeks.  For breast lift/reduction/augmentation the recommended time off is also 1-2 weeks.  Most people would struggle to take off two weeks for their tummy tuck and then subsequently another 1-2 weeks in the near future for their breast procedure.  Recovery for the combination of procedures is altogether about two weeks.  So on average you’re saving yourself a week or two of downtime by doing a combination makeover procedure.

Lower overall costs:  Generally speaking, the cost of doing a combination abdominoplasty and breast rejuvenation procedure is less than doing each procedure separately.  This is largely due to the fact that you are not paying for operating room and anesthesia fees for two separate procedures, and the savings can be significant enough to warrant considering a combination surgery.

Instant gratification:  Who doesn’t love a little instant gratification?  With the combination of breast augmentation/lift/reduction and abdominoplasty, you can transform all of your trouble spots at once, and there is something to be said about getting all of the results up front, rather than one at a time.  A patient of mine stated her motivation for getting a Mommy Makeover best when she said she “wanted to finally look in the mirror and like everything” she saw in her reflection.

A word on safety– It’s important to note that although combining Mommy Makeover procedures has the advantages outlined above, this should be done in the proper setting in the hands of an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who is facile with the procedures you are considering.  Not everyone is a candidate for the typical Mommy Makeover, and your plastic surgeon will let you know in consultation if you are.

So, if you are considering breast and abdominal surgeries after having children, and are done with childbearing and breastfeeding, a Mommy Makeover combination procedure may be right for you.  With the Mommy Makeover breast rejuvenation and abdominoplasty combination, you’ll have a single surgery and downtime with a total body transformation that will help you get your pre-baby confidence and sexy back!

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