What Can Liposuction Do for Me?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure for removing subcutaneous fat. It is a form of body contouring, and it is not a treatment for obesity. In fact, most doctors only accept patients who are at or near a healthy weight. This is for patients who have tried conventional means of weight loss but still have some stubborn fat deposits. Similarly, liposuction only works on subcutaneous fat, which is the fat just underneath the skin. It can’t reach visceral fat, which is the fat surrounding the organs. Only diet and exercise or bariatric surgery can eliminate visceral fat. Here at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are proud to provide this option to our patients and encourage you to learn more about it.

How Does It Work?

While there are now many different types of liposuction, they always involve the use of a thin and hollow tube called a cannula that the surgeon will use to break up the targeted fat to make it easier to remove. In traditional or suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), the cannula is hooked up to a suction device that vacuums out the fat. Another variation is ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL), in which the cannula emits ultrasound waves to break up the fat.

Regardless of method, this is typically an outpatient procedure. In most cases, the doctor will use a local anesthetic to keep the patient comfortable. The local anesthetic will sometimes be paired with a sedative. The doctor may administer general anesthesia under certain conditions. After the procedure, the patient will have to wear a compression garment for a given time to reduce swelling. It can be performed on just about any part of the body.

What is 360 Liposuction?

360 liposuction is a type of body contouring in which the surgeon works on the abdomen, waist, and back to reshape the patient’s midriff. As with other types of liposuction, this is not a weight loss procedure; it is for patients who are within striking range of their optimal weight.

What is SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is another method. It is most commonly used on the arms, abdomen, waist, and thighs. Most patients get a local anesthetic, but some choose sedation or even general anesthesia. In addition to melting the fat cells, the laser also reduces bleeding and tightens the patient’s skin.

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