The Dos and Don’ts Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Now that you have conducted your research and you are finally ready to move forward with breast augmentation surgery, you may be wondering what to do before the surgery in order to enjoy optimal results. What are you supposed to do and what are you supposed to avoid? Well, below are some things that can help you in making the right decisions.


Avoid thinking too much about the surgery and don’t freak yourself out. Just remember that you have chosen the right surgery and surgeon for breast augmentation in Atlanta and that you’re in the best of hands. It may be difficult, but just relax; the process is meant to be enjoyed and is meant to make you look and feel your very best. However, you are allowed to imagine the new look of your breasts.


The day of the surgery should be filled with dos! Set your alarm so that you may get a lot of time to prepare yourself at home and on the road. Rush hour headache is the last thing you need on the day of your surgery.

Come to our surgery center all-natural, which implies no contact lenses, no makeup and no jewelry. Be prepared to undergo a surgical procedure. The less you carry to the surgery center, the better.

It is imperative to have realistic expectations regarding the procedure, the recovery, and the results. As such, on the day of your breast augmentation procedure, make sure you know what to expect once you begin your recovery. Know what to expect as you relax, recover and eventually delight in your new and improved breasts!

Moving Forward with Your Breast Enhancement Procedure

For more information on breast augmentation in Atlanta, including good tips on what to do and what to avoid, schedule a consultation with us at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. We have offices in Marietta and Atlanta. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get all the facts about breast augmentation surgery!

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