Why Men and Women Love Facelift Procedures

You have recently noticed that you do not look nearly as youthful as you once did. You enjoy being active and looking young, but time and gravity have really done a number on your facial skin. Serious lines and wrinkles have started to make themselves apparent. It has become so noticeable that you almost don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror each morning. While there are several cosmetic products you could try, there comes a point when the elasticity of your skin is too far gone for these temporary approaches to rejuvenate how your skin appears. What you may need is a facelift, and this is really the best way for a person in your situation to reclaim that youthful look you miss so much.

Getting a Facelift

When you go for a facelift, this is a procedure that will be a bit more involved than other cosmetic procedures being employed to revitalize how your facial skin looks. Our surgeon can tighten the facial skin. In some cases, it may even be useful to remove some excess skin to help even things out. Another aspect of a facelift involves tightening the facial muscles. When facial muscles are loose, this does not help to provide much lift to your skin. Tightening up facial muscles can help to bring more of that youthful tightness to your appearance again. This is the case whether you are a man or a woman having this procedure.

Interested in the Facelift? Contact Us 

If you want to achieve that youthful look that you thought was gone forever, then a modern facelift could bring you the young facial appearance you always remember yourself having in years past. To find out more how this procedure will work to help you regain your youth, please reach out and make an appointment with Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery! Here at our office in Marietta or Atlanta, our welcoming and experienced staff will be eager to explain the process to you in detail, address any questions or concerns you may have, and help you regain the youthful looks you desire. Contact us today to set up your appointment – we look forward to speaking with you!

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