Stimulate Your Vaginal Health with ThermiVa

Every part of the body can benefit from some rejuvenation now and then. Our most intimate areas are no exception. Although many women prefer not to talk about it, vaginal laxity can cause a variety of problems as the years go on. Having children can add to this issue as well. In the past, not much could be done about this. Now, scientific advances have given us the exciting treatment option known as ThermiVa®. This non-surgical treatment can stimulate your vaginal health and help you take charge of your intimate life.

What is ThermiVa®?

This amazing treatment can be used on both the outer and inner tissues of the vagina. ThermiVa® uses radiofrequency waves to heat up the tissue. As a result, collagen fibers begin to grow.

During these treatments, we can heat up the vaginal tissues in order to eliminate sagging while making the skin both softer and smoother. This treatment is helpful for both the appearance and the function of these delicate areas.

ThermiVa® Treatments

You can expect a treatment session to be simple and convenient. The great news about ThermiVa® is it results in no downtime, meaning you can get right back to your normal life. Many women notice immediate improvements, and results will continue to develop as your body produces collagen.

The Benefits of ThermiVa®

Still not convinced that ThermiVa® treatments are right for you? Check out this list of just some of the wonderful benefits that go along with this treatment:

  • Sexual satisfaction is increased, both for you and your partner
  • You get a boost in self-confidence
  • Natural lubrication is increased
  • Urinary incontinence can be decreased or stopped
  • There is no downtime because there is no surgery or medication required
  • It is a safe option for any adult woman who is not currently pregnant

Are you ready to stimulate your vaginal health and experience all of the benefits of ThermiVa® firsthand? Reach out to Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. We are happy to answer questions and can get you scheduled for a personalized consultation at our office in Atlanta or Marietta. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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