Reverse Signs of Aging with a Breast Lift

You knew that you would have to face drooping skin and wrinkles as the years flew by. You were prepared for those gray hairs on your head. There is no way to stop time and you’ve accepted that. There’s one problem. You never thought you would be struggling with sagging breasts.

You don’t know how it happened, but one day you looked in the mirror and your breasts were headed for your belly button. It’s a common part of getting older as your skin begins to lose elasticity. Fluctuations in weight and changes brought on by pregnancy can also make your breasts begin to sag. If you want to reverse the signs of aging, a breast lift could be the answer for you.

What is Involved with a Breast Lift?

When you think about cosmetic surgery for the breasts, breast implants may initially come to mind. A breast lift is not intended to make your breasts look bigger. The main goal is to make your breasts more youthful and perkier. Our plastic surgeon will reshape your breast tissue and remove any excess. Your nipples may be moved up as well. In the end, you’ll feel like you’ve turned back the clock to your younger years.

Why Do You Need a Breast Lift?

If you have lost and gained weight, it can add a burden to your breasts, stretching them out. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also take quite a toll on your breasts as they swell to a larger size and shrink down again. For some women, they simply don’t snap back to the position they were in. As you age, all of these issues can combine with the loosening of your skin to result in drooping breasts. There isn’t anything you can do on your own to solve the problem. You can wear support bras to give yourself a boost, but you can’t wear a bra all of the time. If you want a permanent solution, a breast lift could be a step in the right direction.

Are You a Candidate?

If you want to raise your breasts up and you’re happy with their size, you should consider a breast lift. In order to qualify for this procedure, you need to be in good health. You should not smoke because this can lead to unnecessary complications.

If you are tired of living with sagging breasts, a breast lift could be the solution for you. Make an appointment at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to discuss the procedure with our plastic surgeon and see if you are a candidate. During a consultation at our office in Marietta or Atlanta, our surgeon can lead you through the procedure and help you decide if a breast lift can help you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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