Reasons to Consider Earlobe Repair Surgery

Whether your earlobe was ripped as a child or you’ve over-stretched your ears with heavy earrings, earlobe repair surgery can fix the damage. Considering whether or not you’re a good candidate for cosmetic surgery is an important question to ask yourself before you consent to any procedure, and it’s the same for earlobe repair. If you’re on the fence, consider the common reasons why people opt for this procedure.

Remove Unwanted Attention

If you have an obvious torn or split earlobe, people may be drawn to comment or ask you about it. This can be trying, especially if you’ve long since put the incident behind you or you still harbor some regrets. Having the issue corrected with earlobe repair surgery will remove all attention from it and make it hardly noticeable, never to be mentioned again.

Portray a Polished, Professional Appearance

It may have been desirable to wear heavy earrings in your twenties or thirties, but this look may not fit in with your career or social standing in your late thirties and forties. If you feel torn lobes due to oversized earrings are holding you back, earlobe repair surgery can fix them and give you back a more professional, put-together appearance.

Wear Jewelry Again

If the split or tear is too extreme, you may not be able to wear earrings. If this is the case, you may want to consider surgery so you will be able to support a small piercing again. While it is a bad idea to wear heavy earrings on a reconstructed lobe, small studs and hoops should be no issue. If you love jewelry and miss wearing beautiful pieces, earlobe repair surgery is a great option for reclaiming that aspect of your personal style and fashion.

More Hairstyle Options

Many people with a damaged earlobe try to hide it with long hairstyles. This can really narrow your options, especially if you are male and are expected to keep your hair short. Having the lobe repaired will allow you to shear your hair as short as you like, regardless of gender, without concern over comments and stares.

Living with ripped or torn earlobes can be embarrassing, especially if you have few options for hiding the damage. Earlobe repair surgery with our board-certified plastic surgeon at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exists to create a small, normal-looking lobe once more. If you’re ready to talk about your options and get a professional opinion of your case, schedule an appointment at our office in Marietta or Atlanta. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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