Liposuction for Men

When you think about liposuction, you might think of women first. As a man, you may think that cosmetic procedures are only intended for the fairer sex. However, men have benefited from plastic surgery for years. This simple and effective procedure is one of the most common approaches used to eliminate stubborn fat. If you have some unwanted fat that is not responding to your hard work, this could be the solution for you. Men can benefit from this simple procedure as much as women. It’s an easy way to sculpt your body and look your best. Beat that excess fat with liposuction.

How Can Liposuction for Men Help You?
Liposuction is designed to eliminate resistant fat that has not responded to weight loss and exercise. You could be at your ideal weight, but that excess fat can still hang on. Typical trouble spots include your stomach, your back, your thighs and your arms. You may even have excess fat beneath your chin that makes your neck look larger than it should.

This is a simple procedure that involves suctioning away unwanted fat in your problem areas, leaving you with the sculpted body you want to see. Dr. Okoro provides multiple methods of this procedure. Traditional liposuction removes the excess fat with a thin tube called a cannula. Power-assisted liposuction involves using vibrations to promote ease of fat removal. The ultrasound-assisted method utilizes ultrasound waves to help remove fat from denser areas, and laser liposuction melts the fat before removing it. During your consultation, we can help you decide which of these effective methods is best for you.

Are You a Candidate for Liposuction for Men?
Good candidates for liposuction include those who are in good general health and are at or within close range of their goal weight. This includes patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight, as they may find that despite their best efforts, not every pocket of fat wants to disappear. To maintain the best results after receiving the procedure, you should keep with your diet and exercise routine. If you maintain your healthy lifestyle, you may never have problems with stubborn fat accumulating in those trouble areas again.

Consider the Benefits of Liposuction for Men Today
If you have certain spots of fat that refuse to budge with diet or exercise alone, liposuction for men may be right for you. Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers this procedure among our many cosmetic services. Located conveniently in both Marietta and Atlanta, our skilled medical staff proudly provides patients in the Atlanta and surrounding areas with expert cosmetic care. If you are interested in this procedure, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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