Am I a Good Candidate for a Fat Transfer?

Getting a fat transfer is a common procedure with exciting potential. Clients are using their own unwanted fat to turn it into something positive. Whether it’s used to give a boost to your backside or to enhance the size of your bust, you can put your fat to good use. If you are thinking about turning to our board certified plastic surgeons in order to transform your body, a fat transfer could be the answer for you.

Understanding How It Works

A fat transfer begins by removing fat from a targeted area on your body using tumescent liposuction. Our plastic surgeon will pinpoint a part of your body where you have excess fat. It could be your thighs, your buttocks, your stomach, or your upper arms. Once removed, the fat must go through a process of purification before it is transferred to your area of choice. As you are healing, you will need to follow the recovery guidelines made by our medical team.

Will a Fat Transfer Work for You?

In order to have a fat transfer, you have to have enough fat to spare for the procedure. For those who desire a subtle improvement in their breast size, they can benefit from a fat transfer. A fat transfer is effective when performing a Brazilian butt lift to give your bottom more definition and volume. Only you and our plastic surgeon can decide if this surgical alternative will meet your needs. The best way to find out is to come in for a consultation.

For More Information

Our plastic surgeon will be glad to assist you on your journey as you enhance your body. Come in for your first visit to discuss your problem areas at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Find out if a fat transfer is right for you. Our surgeon will consider your medical history to ensure you have no underlying conditions that could put you at risk. You should be healthy before undergoing plastic surgery. If you wish to see the results of others who have undergone a fat transfer procedure, you can look at our photo galleries. If you want to get the body of your dreams, consider a fat transfer. If you are good candidate, you will soon be able to admire the new you without looking like you had work done. Contact us today to make an appointment in Marietta or Atlanta!

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