Liposonix and Coolsculpting

We are frequently asked in our Atlanta office the differences between Liposonix andCoolscuplting for non-invasive or non surgical reduction of fat.

We have researched Liposonix and Coolsculpting. They are both FDA-approved for noninvasive (non-surgical) reduction of localized fat tissue. They use different technology to achieve their goals.

Coolsculpting (Zeltiq) uses cryolipolysis (cold therapy) where the fat is slowly chilled in about 1 hour.  It only works where the fat that can be “pinched” and drawn into the CoolSculpting two paddles.  CoolSculpting is FDA approved for non invasive and non surgical fat reduction.

Liposonix uses High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to destroy fat usually in 1 hours and one treatment. Liposonix treatment can be painful and requires medication for comfort.  There is little or no downtime. Ultrasound has well defined safety profile.

Both  are very versatile and can be used in different body area of stubborn fat including the tummy area (abdomen), waistline (flanks), and other areas. Results are seen within 12 weeks (3 months). Both Liposonix and Coolsculpting can destroy fat cells, however, only Coolsculpting can be preformed without pain meds. In both system, the destroyed fat is removed by the body within 2-3 months. The cost is very similar.

Based on the above findings, we prefer Coolsculpting for non-surgical fat reduction for those people who do not want liposuction. We offer laser Liposuction for those who are not candidate for Coolsculpting.

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