Latest Techniques and Technologies Used in Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

When it comes to the buttock area, concerns such as asymmetry and lack of fullness or contour can significantly impact the overall balance of the body. The Brazilian butt lift (BBL), can be used not only to augment and reshape the buttocks but also to smooth and shape other areas of the body, too.

Because of the complexity of the procedure, it demands a high level of expertise and skill from a board-certified plastic surgeon. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are proud to be at the forefront of this field. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have dedicated many years to perfecting the art of the Brazilian butt lift. Our commitment to using the latest techniques and technologies in BBL procedures helps us to deliver sophisticated and beautiful results to our patients in Atlanta, GA, and across the country. 

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian buttock lift, or BBL, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the size and shape of the buttocks. This butt contouring procedure typically involves transferring fat from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injecting it into the buttocks. This method is the most common in our office, but in rare cases where fat transfer isn’t feasible, we also offer butt implants.

Types of Butt Augmentation

Traditional Brazilian Butt Lift

The classic Brazilian butt lift involves harvesting fat from larger body areas like the abdomen or hips. This fat is then processed and reinjected into the buttocks, offering enhanced contouring and a more balanced silhouette.

Skinny BBL

For those with less fat deposits, a Skinny BBL can be performed. This butt augmentation procedure involves identifying and harvesting smaller fat pockets across the body for a subtle buttock enhancement.

Professional Brazilian Butt Lift

A professional Brazilian butt lift aims for a natural-looking, mature enhancement. It’s ideal for those seeking subtle contour changes without a dramatic transformation.

Butt Implants

Butt implants, used only in very rare cases when no excess fat is available, offer an alternative for fat transfer butt contouring. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we prioritize fat transfer methods like the BBL, reserving implants for very specific scenarios.

The Latest Technologies in BBL

SmoothShape® Treatments

As part of our commitment to delivering excellent Brazilian butt lift outcomes, we use SmoothShape® treatments. These advanced treatments help to further refine the contour of the butt area post-surgery, smoothing cellulite and enhancing the overall butt augmentation results.

Advanced Liposuction Technologies

The effectiveness of a Brazilian buttock lift is directly linked to the quality of the liposuction process. We leverage the latest technologies in liposuction to ensure optimal fat harvesting. This contributes to better grafting results and a more enhanced final contour. 

Among our liposuction techniques are laser-assisted liposuction, Smartlipo™, ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, tumescent-assisted liposuction, and power-assisted liposuction. The method that we will use will depend on the areas being treated, the amount of fat being harvested, and other factors.  

Purification Techniques

In a BBL procedure, it’s critical to prepare the harvested fat properly before reinjection. We use cutting-edge purification techniques to filter the harvested fat. This process ensures only the highest quality fat cells are reinjected, improving the longevity and overall result of the procedure.

Injection Techniques

For BBL surgery, we employ state-of-the-art injection techniques, such as subcutaneous injection using ultrasound technology. This method ensures precise placement of the fat cells, significantly enhancing the final gluteal augmentation result.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Because any physician can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon if they want to offer this type of procedure, it’s important to choose a surgeon who is board-certified in plastic surgery. A board certification assures you that the surgeon has undergone rigorous training and has met the stringent standards set by recognized medical specialty boards.

Surgeon With Hospital Privileges

A surgeon with hospital privileges is another key factor to consider. These privileges indicate that the surgeon’s skills and competency have been reviewed and approved by their peers, providing an added layer of assurance about their capability.

Board-Certified, Hospital Anesthesiologists

Anesthesia plays an important role during the surgery. You should always choose a practice that uses board-certified anesthesiologists to manage anesthesia during procedures.

Surgeons Who Are Experienced in BBL

Experience is a significant factor when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. An experienced surgeon, like Dr. Stanley Okoro, can offer a higher level of surgical skill and knowledge. Dr. Okoro, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, has contributed significantly to the field by writing a book on BBL procedures and developing advanced procedure techniques. His vast experience allows him to cater to a wide range of patient needs and expectations.

BBL Before and After Photos

Lipo After Lipo Before Lipo After Lipo Before

Augment or Reshape Your Buttocks With a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can be a beautiful, natural-looking way to augment your buttocks and gain a more smooth and balanced contour. However, it is important to find a surgeon that is using the latest techniques and technologies to perform your procedure. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we focus on constant advancement as we continue to stay at the forefront of this procedure. 

If you are interested in learning more about Brazilian butt lifts, call us today at (770) 464-5485 or schedule a consultation in Atlanta, GA, by using our online form.

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