Getting Back to Your Younger Self

Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is the place for ladies to come when they want to get back that body they had when they were younger. There is a variety of plastic surgery Atlanta options available when you come in for help with your belly, and we have a helpful staff that will talk you through each of these options.

What Plastic Surgery Options are There?

Plastic surgery for your stomach may include liposuction, a tummy tuck, and/or body sculpting that could help. Your body can change back to the way it was long ago, and you can talk to the doctor and medical staff about your desired result. Liposuction can be done on both sides of your body, and you can completely eliminate the baby fat that sits on your hips and creates that muffin top you do not like.

Every consultation with the staff helps you come to a conclusion about the procedure that you should request. This process may be part of the mommy makeover that you have been hoping to do after you have delivered, and you will see your shape return to that hourglass that you had for so many years.

Quick Recovery Enables You to Get Back to Feeling Like Yourself

Your surgery and recovery will be very simple, and you can get back into those smaller clothes you have waiting in your closet. The surgery that you receive may correct all your issues at one time, and you can recover more quickly because you did not spread out your mommy makeover.

You may continue by adding something such as an injectable treatment to your makeover, and you will have much tighter skin on your face to match that amazing stomach that you have created through surgery. As a result, you will look younger overall. You will feel much better than you did before, and you will see a new woman when you look in the mirror – or even your younger self!

Please feel free to ask our staff at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery about how to set up your first appointment. We are happy to talk you through the process of changing your face or body. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Marietta or Atlanta!

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