Top 8 Causes of Breast Sagging

Breast sagging is a regular problem that occurs naturally. The degree of breast sagging is measured according to the location of the nipple with regard to the inframammary crease. This is the point where the base of the breast is close to the wall of the chest. Some of the causes of breast sagging are preventable while others may need interventions to prevent them from further sagging. People are usually very quick to point to breastfeeding, but it is not often the only reason. Here are some of the most common causes of sagging breasts.

1. Cigarette smoking

The skin contains a protein called elastin which is responsible for elasticity. Smoking breaks down this type of protein, causing a decrease in elasticity, which, in turn, leads to sagging breasts.

2. Pregnancy

The effects of pregnancy on the breasts become more pronounced after recurring pregnancies. Breastfeeding is the main culprit in causing the breasts to sag.

3. Sudden weight loss and gain

Significant weight gain and sudden weight loss can lead to sagging breasts. Weight fluctuations cause unnecessary stretching of the breasts. Shedding of excess weight in a short period also leads to breast drooping.

4. Lack of vitamins C and B

The skin needs vitamins C and B to support elastic tissues in the breasts that aid in maintaining the shape of the breasts. A lack of these vitamins can lead to breast sagging.

5. Wearing an ill-fitting bra

An ill-fitting bra does not give proper support to the breasts, leading to the breasts drooping.

6. Genetics

Sometimes sagging can be wholly pinpointed to genes as they play an essential role in determining the strength of a person’s ligaments, as well as the elasticity of the skin.

7. Breast size and gravity

The larger the breasts, the higher the chances of having sagging breasts. Gravity works on the ligaments and skin, meaning that bigger breasts decline more easily.

8. Menopause

Ovaries stop producing the estrogen hormone that is responsible for skin elasticity, causing the skin to loosen and leading to wrinkles everywhere in the body, including the breasts.

Treatment for Sagging Breasts

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