Facts Regarding Fat Transfer in Atlanta

Obviously, those considering a fat transfer in Atlanta should learn more about the process before deciding to do it. Fat grafting can be done almost anywhere on the body. It helps to provide a fuller effect with little to no adverse reactions since the fat being transferred is coming from your own body. The professionals at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery know how important fat transfer in Atlanta is to some, so feel free to contact us today to book an appointment and learn more.

What Exactly is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting or fat transfer in Atlanta are procedures where fat is taken from one part of the body and then injected into another area of choice.

How Long Does It Last?

Results are seen almost instantly once the fat is injected into the desired area. It then will stay for many, many years and sometimes even permanently in the area where it was placed. The time it lasts depends on the person and their unique situation.

Does the Fat Have to Be Fresh?

It is believed fat that is stored frozen and then thawed kills fat cells. Therefore, it is always important to have your fat cells taken out and then put right back into the body during the same procedure to reduce the chances of having the cells die off.

Where is the Best Place to Remove Fat?

There is not a perfect spot to remove fatty tissue from. Usually, the spot we use is the one that has the best amount of shape to it that can easily be contoured and one that is readily available.

Getting a Fat Transfer in Atlanta

Those considering fat transfer in Atlanta should speak with our professionals at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, with offices in Atlanta and Marietta. Contact us today for a consultation.

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