Benefits of Seeing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

When you are facing an upcoming surgery, you want to know that the doctor who will perform your operation has all the training and experience needed to ensure the best outcome. You do not want a complete novice or someone who lacks the credentials to protect you before, during and after the surgery. You can anticipate your cosmetic surgery with confidence by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon.


A board-certified plastic surgeon has gone through all the requisite training to practice this medical specialty. This individual has not only gone through and graduated from medical school, but has also undergone a vast amount of specialized training in reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures.

The extent of a board-certified plastic surgeon’s training can span as long as 16 years. He or she will have worked alongside and been trained by board-certified plastic surgeons who themselves have decades of experience in this specialized area of medicine.

The culmination of this specialist’s education and training ends with a two-day written and oral examination. The examination scrutinizes the surgeon’s medical knowledge and surgical skill. It also determines if he or she has the ethics for this medical specialty and if the surgeon is ready to administer a safe and effective approach to a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical challenges.


Another reason to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon centers on entrusting your care to a doctor who has the experience to ensure your best outcome. A surgeon who has been certified by the state medical board has trained as both an intern and resident. He or she will have performed surgery for a variety of cosmetic purposes.

With that, you get the assurance that our surgeon will know how to address your health concerns fully and know what kind of surgery would be best to resolve your cosmetic or reconstructive issues. You can go into your surgery with the assurance that you have chosen an expert.

Peace of Mind

Finally, a board-certified plastic surgeon gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on a speedy and easy recovery. You want to heal as quickly as possible so you can get back to your normal life.

Going through reconstructive or plastic surgery can be enough of a nerve-wracking experience without having to worry about the expertise and training of your doctor. You can ease your worries and anticipate the best outcome by choosing our board-certified plastic surgeon at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, located in both Atlanta and Marietta. Contact us today to learn more.

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