Consider a Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

When it comes to your physique, you are satisfied for the most part. You’re happy with your body except for one area that is lacking. You don’t have the volume you would like to see in your bust. It’s one thing that you can’t control. You can watch what you eat. You can go to the gym, but you can’t pump up your bust. As you consider your options, think about a fat transfer to reach your goals for breast augmentation. You can have more when it comes to your bust as you use your own fat and turn it into something good.

How Can a Fat Transfer Enhance Your Breasts?

Fat transfer procedures have become increasingly popular in the field of cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgeons are taking excess fat and transferring it to another area of the body to add more volume where it is needed. You can put your fat to good use when you want a fuller bust. Our plastic surgeon will begin by finding an area on your body where you have fat to spare. This fat will be removed and then purified before it is skillfully injected into your breasts.

Why Choose a Fat Transfer to Enhance Your Bust?

When you go with a fat transfer to add volume to your breasts, you will have much less downtime than you would with implants. You will also be using your own fat to give yourself natural-looking results. Your breasts will feel natural as well. Best of all, you can trim another part of your body to hone your physique. You won’t be putting anything that is artificial in your breasts. You won’t need to worry about leaks or any shifting when it is your own fat that is giving your bust a boost. As long as you have some extra fat somewhere, you could turn it into fuller breasts.

Learn More About a Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation

You have so many choices when you want to change your breasts through breast augmentation. The best way to find out if a fat transfer could be the right choice for you is to come in and see our plastic surgeon at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Talk about what you want out of a breast augmentation procedure and find out if you have what it takes for a fat transfer. Our surgeon is your best source of information when you are trying to make such an important choice.

Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has offices in Marietta and Atlanta. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation!

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