Alleviate Back Pain with a Breast Reduction in Marietta or Atlanta

You are tired of having back pain day in and day out. You wake up in the morning and your pain is there. It is with you throughout the day, making you suffer. When you go to bed, it is still there. When you try to find a reason for your pain, you keep coming back to one thing. It’s your bust. It is considerably large and the weight is too much for your back. It is affecting your shoulders and your neck as well. Even your chronic headaches could stem from your large breasts. If you are in pain and you can’t find any other reason for your discomfort, a breast reduction in Marietta or Atlanta could help you.

What Can a Breast Reduction Do to Help You?

When our plastic surgeon reduces your bust size, it can alleviate the pain that has been such a burden to you. Our surgeon can eliminate excess breast tissue and fat in order to bring your breasts down to a size that will make you more comfortable. Your breasts will be in proportion with the rest of your figure after your procedure. Once you have had a full recovery, you will notice how much lighter your breasts are. Your back, shoulder, and neck pain will finally go away. You’ll feel a new sense of freedom when you aren’t weighed down by that excess weight on your chest.

Is a Breast Reduction the Right Decision for You?

Think about a breast reduction in Atlanta or Marietta if your breasts have become too large over time. If you have been battling with large breasts for years, you can do something about it. You can give yourself a break and say goodbye to back pain. If you have noticed that you have been in chronic pain and nothing has helped, a breast reduction could be a wise move.

Find Out How to Ease Your Back Pain with Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are seeking advice about a breast reduction in Marietta or Atlanta, our plastic surgeon at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can help. Make an appointment at either of our offices in order to discuss the procedure with our plastic surgeon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!

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