Natural Breast Augmentation with a Fat Transfer in Atlanta

You want to enhance your breasts, but you don’t want implants. You have tried to pump up the volume with the right bra, but that is only an illusion. If you want your breasts to have more roundness and fullness, you are going to need help from a plastic surgeon. When you are looking for a natural solution in Atlanta, consider the advantages of a fat transfer to give you the breast size that will satisfy you. Whether your breasts have always been smaller than you would like them to be or something has made them decrease in size, you could turn the situation around with fat from your own body.

Understanding How a Fat Transfer Works for Breast Augmentation

When you have a natural breast augmentation with a fat transfer, our plastic surgeon will locate an area on your body where you have unwanted fat. Fat is then removed from this area. After your fat has been prepared through purification, it will be injected into your breasts.

Why Choose a Fat Transfer for Natural Breast Augmentation?

When you go with a fat transfer procedure in Atlanta to enhance your breasts, it is a natural solution that uses a substance that is produced by your own body. You don’t have to worry about a negative reaction. This procedure is also much less involved than breast implant surgery. You will have less downtime. As an added plus, you will be shedding fat from some part of your body where you didn’t want it in the first place. Your breasts will look and feel the way that they should after your procedure. A fat transfer gives you the chance to sculpt your body, boosting the size of your breasts to suit your preferences.

Learn More About Natural Breast Augmentation

If you think a fat transfer could work for you to enhance your bust size, meet with our plastic surgeon at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta or Marietta to discuss the procedure. When you come in to have your initial visit, your body will be evaluated for potential sites where you have unwanted fat. Our surgeon will also talk about your medical history and health before making any decisions. Your safety is a top priority. If you are cleared for the procedure, you can get ready to go shopping for a bra that will fit your new and improved bust. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for natural breast augmentation!

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