Why You Should Consider Chin Implants

Some people suffer from weak chins, which can cause a significant amount of self-consciousness. They cannot cover this problem with makeup or clever placements of clothing. There are both surgical and non-surgical options available to improve the shape and thickness of chins. Here are several reasons to consider getting chin implants.

Fuller Face

Some people complain about having thin, plain facial features. Among their complaints is that the chin looks hidden or nonexistent. They want a chin that stands out and looks attractive on its own. A well-rounded chin, along with the cheeks, nose and lips, is needed to create a full, attractive face.


Cosmetic surgery is not just for vanity purposes. It’s also to help people who are disfigured as a result of an illness or accident. Some people have their jaws reconstructed during surgery and need a new, natural-looking chin implanted. The chin is the last feature that balances out the rest of the person’s face.

Low Risks

The health risks are low compared to other cosmetic procedures. Swelling is a minor side effect that disappears after a few weeks. The infection risk is low if the patient keeps the surgical site clean and untouched.

Implants Feel Natural

Although most implants are not made of natural materials, they look and feel 100% real. Chin implants are made from at least four types of synthetic materials. Silicone is the most frequently used material that is common in breast augmentation. It is soft, malleable and available in different shapes.

Polyethylene is harder yet also malleable and porous, which allows the surrounding tissues to grow into and around it. Once implanted, these materials remain in place without moving around too much, rupturing or leaking. However, they are more difficult to remove, so working with an experienced surgeon is important.

Surgery Is Not Necessary

There are non-surgical options to chin augmentation. These include fillers that are injected with calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid. The disadvantage is the solution is temporary, yet the risks of invasive surgery are reduced.

A well-rounded chin improves the person’s entire facial appearance. It matches with full cheeks, a prominent nose and well-rounded eyes. An implant helps to create a chin in the size and shape that you want. From silicone to injectable fillers, there are different choices of materials to choose for your implant.

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