What Is Breast Augmentation Recovery Like?

Many women find themselves desiring fuller, rounder breasts that complement their figure. While this look can be achieved temporarily with certain undergarments or clothing, the best way to actually improve the size or shape of your breasts is through breast augmentation surgery. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgical procedures throughout the world, with almost 200,000 performed in the United States each year. 

Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides breast augmentation in Marietta, GA, and surrounding cities like Atlanta, Douglasville, Vinings, and Woodstock. To find out more about breast augmentation recovery and how the procedure is performed, continue reading.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to increase breast size and improve breast shape. The goal is to create larger breasts that appear to be rounder and firmer. This is most often accomplished by adding either silicone or saline implants to the breasts.

Some patients opt for a more natural version of breast augmentation by choosing the fat transfer method. This involves harvesting fat from one area of the body and transplanting it under the skin of the breasts to add volume and create a rounder shape.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery is someone looking to increase the size of their breasts or improve their overall shape. This can be a woman of any age who is unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. 

Some women who seek breast augmentation have seen a change in their breast volume with age. Others have experienced a decrease in fullness after significant weight loss. Many patients who undergo breast augmentation desire breasts that are simply more flattering for their figures.

The Complete Breast Augmentation Process

Prior to having breast augmentation, patients should be aware of what the procedure involves. The following is a guide to the complete breast augmentation process from beginning to end.

Consulting with a Professional

Before you can schedule your breast augmentation surgery, you must attend a pre-operative consultation appointment. 

Our cosmetic medicine providers need to assess your current breast tissue to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. We will also evaluate your medical history for any relevant information that could affect your ability to have this surgery.

You will discuss your desired outcome with our provider during your consultation to ensure that your goals are achievable. We will provide you with before and after photos from previous patients to give you an idea of what breast augmentation looks like. 

We will also encourage you to feel various breast implants and try different cup sizes against your chest to see what the best choice is for your body.

For various reasons, breast augmentation may not be an option for every patient. If we find that you are not a good candidate for this procedure, we will advise you on alternative options that are a better fit.

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation

Once you have scheduled your breast augmentation, you will need to receive medical clearance from your general physician. You should do this about one month prior to your surgical date. 

Medical clearance typically involves a series of blood panels and a complete physical examination to ensure you are healthy enough to go under anesthesia for your procedure.

About 12 hours before your breast augmentation, you will be required to stop eating or drinking. This safety precaution is asked of all patients who are put under general anesthesia or heavy sedation.

The Surgical Procedure

Once placed under general anesthesia, your breast augmentation will begin as our surgeon makes incisions through which your implants can be placed. Three different types of incisions may be used in these procedures: 

  • Inframammary incision: Below the breast, hidden by the breast fold
  • Transaxillary incision: Underneath the arm, near the armpit
  • Periareolar incision: Around the areola

The type of incision used during your breast augmentation will be discussed during your pre-operative consultation.

After the appropriate incisions have been made, your implants can be placed. If using silicone implants, the entire implant will be inserted through the incision. When using saline implants, the empty outer shell of the implant is placed through the incision first. A saline solution is then used to fill the implant once it is in the correct position.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

After your breast augmentation procedure, you may need to remain overnight in our plastic surgery aftercare center for monitoring. Most patients are able to be discharged the following day to begin their breast augmentation recovery at home.

There will be tenderness in your chest in the days immediately following your surgery. You will be provided with medication to manage any sensitivity around the surgical area.

In the weeks that follow your surgery, you will need to wear a customized support bra. This is to promote optimal healing and ensure that the new size and shape of your breasts are supported while the tissue is still vulnerable. 

During the first six to eight weeks, you should avoid strenuous activities or anything that could result in direct trauma to the surgical site. Injuries to the chest at this time can impact the outcome of your procedure.

Your Breast Augmentation Results

For several weeks after breast augmentation, you may have post-operative swelling of the tissue. This will make it hard to see the results of your procedure. Once this swelling has subsided, you will be able to see the final outcome of your surgery. For most patients, this is around three months after their procedure.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Marietta, GA

Are you looking to improve the size or shape of your breasts? Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA, offers breast augmentation surgery to help women enhance their figures. 

We work with patients throughout Atlanta, Douglasville, Vinings, Woodstock, and surrounding cities. Contact us online or by phone to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.

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