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Wellness is about maintaining your personal ideal quality of life, and no two wellness journeys are the same. Our Real Wellness program revolves around your personal goals, whether it is achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, balancing your hormones, managing a chronic condition, or something else.

With Real Wellness at Georgia Plastic, Dr. Jada Moore, a board certified medical doctor in bariatrics, helps you develop a plan based on your personal goals. With her experience as a weight loss specialist, Dr. Moore understand the the intricacies and complexities of hormone dysfunction, metabolism, obesity, and weight management.

Real Wellness is centered around the motto “Strategy + Support = Success.” We believe in discovering the problems to create solutions together to achieve #REALResults.

Services with Real Wellness include:

  • Customized meal plans
  • Customized workout plans
  • DNA analysis
  • Health coaching
  • Hormone therapy
  • Pre and post-op weight management

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