If your gender identity or gender expression differs from your assigned sex, transgender surgery may be appropriate for you. Transgender surgery is also called other names such as Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), gender reassignment surgery (GRS) and several other names. During these procedures, a transgender person’s physical appearance (or function) of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that socially associated with their chosen gender identity.

There are different types of transgender surgery or sex reassignment surgery. Basically, there are male to female and female to male. Additionally, there are top surgery and bottom surgery.

What is “Top” Transgender surgery at Georgia Plastic?

Top transgender surgery refers to surgical procedures of the face, breast, abdomen, hips and buttocks.

We offer procedures of the breasts such as Breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastectomy and male chest surgery. Additionally, our plastic surgeons are experts in body contouring procedures. They use techniques such as liposculpting liposuction, fat transfers or implants to enhance the shape of the chosen gender.

Bottom surgery refers to genital surgeries which involve reshaping the male and female genitals. These are not offered at Georgia Plastic at this time.

What are the most common procedures?

The most common procedures are facial rejuvenation,  breast implants, breast reduction, Brazilian Buttock Lift, and Liposuction.

How much does it cost?

The cost of transgender surgery depends on the extend and type of procedure performed at Georgia Plastic. It may be possible for some health insurance plans to cover some of the cost of gender reassignment surgery. Please make sure to check with your health insurance company to see if this is a possibility. The usual cost includes the following surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, prescription medication, and garments.

Why choose Georgia Plastic?

  • Our team are familiar with the issues in the Trans community.
  • We believe in gender equality
  • Caring staff
  • Provide care to all without prejudice.
  • We offer an all inclusive package (surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, prescription medication, and garments)
  • Your fees includes all post operative visits
  • We are located in Marietta GA outside of the hustle of Atlanta
  • We offer private entrance and exit for your privacy
  • Our facility if fully certified and accredited by AAAASF
  • Free parking and wifi

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