Thighlighting is basically full leg makeover for both men and women using both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Thighlighting is the latest plastic surgery procedures that are combination of cellulite treatment, Thigh lifts, calf implants, contouring of the inner and outer thighs, and of course, liposuction.

Our plastic surgeon has performed many Thighlighting procedures. The most common procedures are performed with laser assisted liposuction. Our plastic surgeon uses liposuction techniques to adjusts irregularities and improves contouring to create symmetry with the thighs, knee, and calf.

Thighlighting can also be performed using non-surgical procedures such as Coolsculpting, Laser hair removal, ThermiSmooth, ThermiTight, and SmoothShapes at our Amachi MedSpa.

How much does it cost?

The cost of thighlighting varies based on the extend of your procedure. Please see our list of fees. The total cost depends on the number of areas needing treatment. Everyone is different. The best way to know the cost of your liposuction is to be evaluated during a consultation.  To make your procedure affordable for you, we offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask.

If you are interested in Thighlighting, contact our office for your confidential consultation.

What is Dr. Okoro’s experience with ThighLighting?

Dr. Okoro has performed over a thousand thigh procedures. Due to his previous experience with liposuction surgery, Dr. Okoro is exceptionally qualified to present you with safe options during your consultation, and you will leave our office with a clear understanding of any proposed treatment plan.

You will have the opportunity to review photos of his previous patients. Dr. Okoro is an expert on thigh contouring. On average, he performs about 5- 10 thigh cases per week. He probably does more thighlighting cases than the majority of plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area.

Why come to Dr. Okoro’s office?

  • Dr Okoro is an experienced board certified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon (Not just a cosmetic surgeon. Did you know that any physician can call him / herself a cosmetic surgeon without any formal training?)
  • Dr Okoro is an expert in Thigh contouring (He performs about 5-10 cases per week)
  • Dr. Okoro will evaluate you in consultation to make sure you are getting the correct procedure (No sales Person)
  • Dr. Okoro will see you himself during most of your followup appointments
  • Our Assurance policy is unbeatable
  • We provide cosmetic insurance (CosmetAssure Participating Physician)
  • Our excellent safety profile
  • We have no hidden fees – your fee includes all follow up and care
  • We will treat you like family!

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