ThermiRF FAQs

How does ThermiRF work

During treatment, a tiny probe in inserted under the skin through a needle hole. The probe has an electrode at the tip that emits tiny burst of radiofrequency energy. The probe also has a temperature gauge for monitoring the exact temperature at the treatment site under the skin. There is also a high tech surface camera which continuously monitors the outside skin temperature. By known the exact temperature of the skin both inside and outside, Dr. Okoro can safely deliver the exact energy level for the best outcome

Is radiofrequency safe

Radiofrequency energy has proven to be safe in Plastic surgery & Dermatology. It is used in different areas of medicine including cosmetic plastic surgery, cardiovascular medicine, pain management.

How does ThermiRF tighten skin

Many device try to effect skin tightening by just heating the skin from the outside. When the skin is heated, the body’s healing response leads to new collagen deposition at the treatment site. Increased collagen results in firmer, tighter and more elastic skin. The higher the temperature maintained, the better the results. Only ThermiRF can safely deliver the energy from the inside of the skin and accurately monitor skin temperature both inside and outside.  Many devices simply heat the skin from the outside. The treatment is limited by the tolerance of the patient. These devices also need multiple treatment sessions.

Why is ThermiRF different from other Radiofrequency devices

ThermiRF delivers the energy directly under the skin to work from inside out while precisively monotring tissue and skin temperature. ThermiRF is a single treatment vs multiple treatment with other devices.

Benefits of ThermiRF

  • No surgery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Little to no  downtime
  • Safe for all skin types

What to expect during treatment

Dr Okoro will numb the area of treatment. The majority of our patients  experience a gentle warm feeling during the treatment . The length of treatment depends on the number  and size of the treatment area. The average treament time is about an hour in our office. Our patients return to their normal activities. Some patients experience mild swelling

What is “off  label” use of ThermiRF

There are many devices, medications and injectable fillers and botulinum toxins that are approved for specific use by the FDA, Physicians can use these devices “off label” if he or she believes it to be safe and effective treatment for the condition. It is important that to understand that this proposed use is not experimental. Physician are allowed to use ThermiRF for skin tightening as an “off label” use. Examples of commonly accepted “Off-Label” use of drugs or devices include the use of aspirin for prevention of heart disease, retinoids for skin care, and injection of botulinum toxin for wrinkles around the forehead.

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