Skin Care: VI Peel Atlanta

These days there are more and more options available to those of us looking to improve the quality of our skin. While laser treatments have been very popular in recent years, it seems there may be a new treatment ready to take center stage. It’s called the VI Peeland it can do in just one session what other skin rejuvenation treatments take multiple sessions to achieve. Plus, the VI Peel is more cost effective, painless and achieves beautiful, glowing, radiant results.

The VI Peel is capable of improving a number of skin imperfections from age spots, hyper-pigmentation, soft lines and wrinkles to acne and acne scarring. It even stimulates the body’s own natural production of collagen which further works to create a more youthful skin appearance.

Dr. Okoro says, “Spring is on the horizon, and it’s time to let your skin blossom. Bring out that beautiful complexion that lies just underneath the surface.  Bring it out Big Time, with the Vi Peel!!!”

Get amazing new skin results in just one week! Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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