Revision Plastic Surgery : Do I need a revision for extra skin?

Do I need a revision plastic surgery for extra skin? The body reacts to surgery in the same way it would to an injury or trauma. Inflammation and swelling occur and eventually help you heal. This process typically peaks after a few weeks, and gradually resolves over months. A significant amount of the swelling generally disappears in the first 2-3 months, but it may take 6-12 months for the swelling and inflammation to completely resolve. As difficult as it is, patience is usually the best course. Close follow up with your surgeon during the healing process is important for reassurance and for the discovery of any abnormalities.

Delaying revision plastic surgery has significant benefits. Part of the inflammatory process that eventually leads to healing also creates scar tissue. Initially, this is very dense and “angry” until the inflammation “softens” and resolves during the healing process. Attempting revision early is tempting, but can be much more difficult to perform, may have more risks for injury, and will be limited in how much improvement can be achieved.


Another reason to be patient and to wait until 6-12 months after surgery for revision is that by simply waiting, the areas that are of concern may improve on their own. As the swelling improves and the skin laxity tightens, there may be nothing left to address. Surgery is great, but not if it is not necessary. The goal is to have a great outcome at the end of the process, and to achieve it safely. For more information, call our office at (770) 464-5485.


Daniel Park, MD

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