Postop Seroma

Postop Seroma also known as post surgical seroma fluid collection after surgical procedure. Seroma can develop in the area of any surgical procedure. In plastic surgery, seroma formation is common after tummy tuck or liposuction.

How do I know if I have seroma?

Postop seroma can present as a swelling after your procedure. Some patient report a fluid wave or growing swelling. If you have any concern, it better to report it to your plastic surgeon. Assuming that your doctor is a surgeon, he or she should be able to diagnose a postop seroma.

Why do postop seroma occur

When tissue such as fat or skin is removed, it is common to have swelling in the area of surgery. If the swelling fluid is not removed by your body or drainage tube, seroma can occur. Certain procedure are prone to more seroma than others procedures, especially in Plastic surgery.

How are Postop seroma treated

Prevention is always better than cure. our plastic surgeon are experts in preventing seroma and are especially trained in preventing seroma. However, when they occur, seroma can be drained in the office by needle aspiration or placement of drainage tubes.

How Often are postop seroma treated

If you develop seroma, it may require multiple aspirations or drainage to resolve the seroma. Sometimes, a surgical procedure is needed to remove seroma.

Do I need my seroma treated?

Yes! Your surgeon should determine the best treatment for your seroma. Some small seroma may go away on its own within a few weeks or months.

Do you have a seroma drainage service?

We offer postop seroma drainage service for patients who live in the Atlanta area or visiting Atlanta even if they did not have their procedure in our facility. There is a fee for this service. Please call our office for more details. A consultation with our Plastic Surgeon is required before your seroma drainage. We do not charge our patients for seroma drainage if their procedure causing the seroma was performed in our facility.

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