Nonsurgical Nosejob

What is NonSurgical Nosejob

NonSurgical Nosejob or NonSurgical Rhinoplasty is procedure where our plastic surgeons use injectable filler to enhance the size and shape of the nose without surgery. We use temporary tissue fillers which can be dissolved if necessary. Many of our patients prefer these procedure as there are no downtime and they can go back to work, school, etc.

Candidates for NonSurgical NoseJob

The ideal candidates for nonsurgical nosejob are

  • Healthy adults that have realistic expectation
  • Adults who need minor cosmetic enhancement
  • Adults who do not want invasive rhinoplasty surgery

How is the procedure performed

Nonsurgical nosejob or rhinoplasty is performed in our office as an outpatient office procedure with just local anesthesia. The actual injection by our Plastic surgeons takes about 10 minutes. There is no need for general anesthesia. There are no downtime and our patients can go back to work, school, etc. This is a true lunch time procedure!Are there any risks?

Nonsurgical nosejob is safe especially when performed by a well trained plastic surgeon. However, every procedure carries some level of risk. The most common risks and complications includes swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising. Additional risks includes infection which are very rare.

How long does nonsurgical nosejob last

Many of our patients continue to enjoy their look months to years after the procedure. The average duration of the results is 1-2 years.

What is the cost of Nonsurgical Nosejob

The average cost of this procedure ranges from $950 to $1500 in our office. This is an all inclusive fee. There are additional fee for future enhancement.

How about recovery?

There is no downtime with this procedure! Contact us today for your appointment.

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