Microneedling also known as skin needling or collagen induction therapy. Microneedling is one of the latest minimally invasive procedure using micro-needles to create tiny punctures on the top layer of the skin. These micro or tiny puncture wounds trigger the body to make new collagen and elastin. This event results in improved skin texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. Microneedling also provides access to deliver nutrient such as PRP to the skin and body.

Many studies and clinical investigations shows that microneedling can improve the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. In our clinic, we offer Dermapen®, the most advanced, effective and safe microneedling device.

Microneedling is also offered in our Amachi MedSpa

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How is it performed

In our office, we offer topical anesthesia for your comfort. After numbing your skin for 30 -60 minutes, our certified Aestheticians or Physician Assistant will perform the procedure. Micro-needling takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Growth factors are then applied to the skin that penetrate through the micro-perforations and assist with wound healing, followed by a calming serum. Make-up can be applied 4 hours after completion of the procedure.

How about recovery?

The recovery for micro-needling is very minimal. You will experience irritated skin the first night. Your skin will continue to improve. After 2-3 days, most patient may be able to cover any residual irritation with make up.

Most of our patients will notice an immediate improvement in their skin. We recommend a total of three treatments, every 4-6 weeks. A yearly treatment is recommended to maintain your results.

For more information about microneedling or to schedule a confidential consultation at our plastic surgery practice, please call us or contact us today!

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