Miami Thong Lift

Is there a real difference between the Miami Thong Lift and Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Basically, Miami Thong lift and Brazilian Buttock lift is fat grafting to the buttock. It is also called fat transfer to buttock and fat grafting to buttocks. Very soon there will be a buttock lift name or thong lift name for every city and country. The same procedure is called different names in different places. In Georgia, I will call this Atlanta Thong Lift, ATL Thong lift, ATL buttock lift, Atlanta Buttock lift, Hotlanta buttock left, etc. In this procedure excess fat is removed from other areas and injected (transferred) into the buttocks.

In my Atlanta practice, this procedure can be performed either in the office procedure room or in the surgical center or hospital. The incisions are the same as liposuction incisions. This is an outpatient procedure. Most of our patients will return to work within 10 days. Make sure you are seeing a “real” Plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. There is a huge difference between a “cosmetic surgeon” and a Plastic surgeon. Do your homework before you book!

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