Lipoma Removal

Lipoma removal is usually performed with surgical removal. Surgical removal of lipoma may create unsightly scar for the patient, especially on ethnic skin. Some physicians are now using ThermiRF, a Radiofrequency (RF) energy device to heat lipoma. These physicians report lipoma removal or reduction using ThermiRF. ThermiRF lipoma removal treatment is considered “off label”.

During lipoma removal with ThermiRF, a tiny probe in inserted under the skin through a needle hole. The probe has an electrode at the tip that emits tiny burst of radiofrequency energy. The probe also has a temperature gauge for monitoring the exact temperature at the treatment site under the skin. There is also a high tech surface camera which continuously monitors the outside skin temperature. By knowing the exact temperature of the skin both inside and outside, the doctor can safely deliver the exact energy level for the best outcome

Dr Okoro is a member of the ThermiAesthetic Clinical Advisory Council and has experience with ThermiRF. Dr. Okoro is the first doctor to offer ThermiRF in entire state of Georgia! This is another example of his commitment to providing patients with world class aesthetic procedures in Atlanta.

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