Labiaplasty technique

SmatLipoIn Labiaplasty technique: To wedge or trim is the question. Am sure you can understand that one size does not fit all in plastic surgery. In labiaplasty technique one style does not fix all. There are pros and cons to each technique. My approach to labiaplasty is to fit the technique to the person and not the other way. Everyone is unique and should be treated as such. However, the wedge is more common in our practice. The scar is shorter, but it takes longer than the trim technique, but leaves are more aesthetically pleasing labia.

I offer the trim method if my patients needs it and would benefit from the technique. The labia is simply trimmed and the suture placed along the border.   The incision heals quite well and the recovery time can be a little faster when compared to the wedge.
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