Labial Filler

Labial Filler or Labial Puff is non surgical outpatient procedure that uses dermal fillers to rejuvenate the labia majora without any downtime. The labia undergoes many changes due to hormonal changes affected by genetics, weight gain and loss, childbirth, and aging, which can lead to deflation, wrinkling, and excess skin. The labia can also be enhanced with fat grafting to the labia. Filler to the labia majora can make it look more youthful and full.

Who is a candidate for Labial Filler or Puffing

  • Any healthy adult female desiring to improve the look of their labia majora
  • Anyone with the following conditions can benefit from labial filler
  • Deflated labia
  • Wrinkled labia

How is Labial Filler or Puffing done?

Labial filler is a non-Surgical Labial enhancement performed in the privacy of our office procedure room. Before the procedure, a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) is applied to your outer labia for comfort. Additionally, we use other techniques to keep the labia comfortable including using blunt cannula to reduce pain, bruising and discomfort.

During the procedure, an FDA-approved injectable filler or hyaluronic acid is used to plump the labia.  This procedure can take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How long will the filler last

We expect the results to last 2 or more years. Some patients may require additional sessions to maintain the best results.

Does it affect sex?

Usually no. However, the aesthetics of the area might have an indirect effect for greater sexual arousal for your partner.

What are the results like?

Initially, the labia will appear swollen and large. In a few days to weeks, the swelling will subside and the result will appear. Some people have excessive bruising for weeks. The bruising is not permanent. Many patients add this procedure either during breast augmentation, facial filler, BBL or liposuction procedure.

How Much Does Labial Filler cost

The average cost for a session of labial filler is ranges from $2400 to $4000 depending on the amount of filler used by your plastic surgeon.

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