Labia Majora Fat Transfer

Labia majora fat transfer is used for improving aesthetic of deflated Labia Majora. Fat grafting to the labia majora can make it look more youthful and full.

Who is Candidate

Any healthy adult female desiring to improve the look of the labia majora

What causes labia majora thinning or deflation

There are many causes of labia majora volume loss or deflation. This condition is common in thin women and usually gets worse with age or after pregnancy.

Where do you get the fat?

The fat for labia majora fat transfer can come from any where. We prefer to harvest the fat from the inner thighs. Many patients will combine this procedure with liposuction of other areas, labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.

How long will the fat last

Approximately 50-70% of the fat that is transferred will survive. The results are usually permanent.

Does it affect sex?

Usually no. However, the aesthetics of the area might have an indirect effect for greater sexual arousal for your partner.

What are the results like?

Initially, the labia will appear swollen and large. In a few days to weeks, the swelling will subside and the result will appear. Some people have excessive bruising for weeks. The bruising is not permanent. Many patients add this procedure either during BBL or liposuction procedure.

What about non-surgical options

The labia can also be augmented with injectable dermal filler. If you are looking for a completely non-surgical option, review the Labial filler page.

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