Hysterectomy and Panniculectomy

A recent study from the September 2015 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that hysterectomy and Panniculectomy can be safely performed at the same time without increasing the risk of complication.  Dr. Stanley Okoro & Dr. Park have been offering patients this opportunity at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
The researchers compared the matched groups of patients with similar characteristics, however, the researchers found no significant difference in VTE risk. There was also no difference in wound complications, surgical-site infections, medical complications, or total complication rate, the study showed. “This highlights the critical importance of patient selection for avoiding complications in combined procedures,” says lead author Antonio Jorge Forte, MD, a plastic surgeon at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn
For many patients, combining hysterectomy and Abdominoplasty may be a better option. If you are interested in hysterectomy and panniculectomy, contact our office for full consultation.

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