How Long Will Chin Implants Last?

At Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA, we can enhance your overall appearance and improve your facial symmetry by performing chin implants. A well-balanced, symmetrical facial profile can make you feel more confident and self-assured.

We know that not everyone is blessed with a perfectly shaped nose, a prominent jawline, a or strong chin. If you have a weak or almost non-existent chin that causes disappointment, low self-esteem, or frustration, we have a solution for you. Our chin augmentation procedure is meant to give you permanent, natural-looking results.

How Long Will Chin Implants Last?

Once inserted into the chin area, chin implants should last a lifetime. The implants we use are small devices molded to fit your unique face shape, making the results feel completely natural and undetectable. As a result, you can expect long-term improvements to your facial profile and get the strong, well-defined chin and jawline you have always desired.

Within one to three months after the procedure, you’ll see the final results of the surgery. With proper care and without any facial trauma, your chin enhancement will be permanent and will last a lifetime.

Why Consider Chin Augmentation?

Your facial proportions significantly affect how you and others feel about yourself. For example, a strong chin can make you feel more confident, self-assured, and poised. It’s no secret that having a well-balanced jawline and facial profile can also introduce you to more opportunities in life, whether in your career or personal relationships. The contours of your chin and jawline do not just define your attractiveness, but they can also affect the quality of your life.

Do you have a weak or receding chin? You can permanently enhance your aesthetic features and get a much-needed confidence boost by getting a chin augmentation. There’s no need to worry about follow-up treatments or touch-ups. Once successfully placed, your implant is meant to be permanent and last a lifetime.

Can It Be Combined With Other Procedures?

If you have other cosmetic concerns that you want to address, you can safely combine chin augmentation with other treatments and procedures. For example, to achieve significant results, you can also get a rhinoplasty, neck contouring, or liposuction with your chin surgery.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

When looking at a photograph of your facial profile, are you able to imagine a straight line going from your forehead down to your chin? If your chin projects behind your forehead and lips, you may have what is considered to be a weak facial profile or a receding chin. By undergoing chin augmentation, you can improve the appearance of your chin and jawline, resulting in a more balanced, attractive appearance.

If you are in good general health and would like to improve the balance of your facial symmetry, you can be an ideal candidate for chin implants. We can evaluate your needs and concerns during your initial appointment and let you know if you qualify for the procedure. Pre-operative testing and labs will be required to ensure you get the best implant options and achieve ideal results.

How Can Chin Augmentation Enhance Your Appearance?

Every aspect of your face contributes to your overall attractiveness. In the lower face, it’s no secret that your chin plays an essential role in defining your aesthetic features. Just like the nose, a prominent chin can largely influence your facial profile. For example, when you have a weak chin, your upper teeth and nose may appear out of balance and more prominent. Your jaw and neckline may also appear to lack definition.

Chin augmentation is a straightforward procedure that can give stunning results when it comes to enhancing your overall appearance. Additionally, other aesthetic problems can be simultaneously improved when you choose to get an implant.

Balances Facial Structure

Having proportionate facial features is one way to boost your confidence and self-esteem. By getting a chin implant, you can successfully improve facial balance and bring your chin into the right proportion with other aspects of your face. This procedure is a great way to correct how your facial features relate to each other.

Improves Aesthetic Issues Caused by a Receded Chin

Chin augmentation can also address cosmetic concerns in other aspects of your face. For example, the procedure can improve the sunken look on the lower face. A nose that appears over projected due to a weak chin can look more balanced and shapely without the need for rhinoplasty.

Overall, chin augmentation is a procedure that offers multiple benefits when it comes to restoring balance and enhancing the proportion of your facial features. Not only does it affect how your chin looks, but it can also subtly enhance other aspects of the face. It’s a permanent solution that can make you feel better about your facial profile and general appearance.

Improves the Definition of Your Neck and Jawline

By improving the projection of your chin, you can also enhance the definition of your jaw and neckline. A chin augmentation can be combined with a liposuction or neck lift to make your face look younger, slimmer, and more self-assured.

Because getting an implant on your chin is a relatively simple process, there’s no need to worry about combining it with other procedures to save your time and effort. The result is a more significant improvement in your appearance.

Boosts Your Confidence

One of the top reasons to get cosmetic surgery is to improve how you see yourself and boost your confidence. Whenever you look in the mirror, do you notice that your lower face or jaw seems out of proportion with your other facial features? Do you look and feel older because your lower chin and neck do not have well-defined contours? These issues can cause you to feel less self-assured and may affect your self-esteem.

Chin augmentation can give you a much-needed confidence boost without causing drastic changes to the rest of your face. After the surgery, you can expect a more balanced, natural-looking appearance that makes you feel better about yourself.

What Can You Expect When Getting a Chin Implant?


The first step is to consult with plastic surgeons you can trust. After assessing your appearance, personal goals, and unique concerns, we can determine whether the procedure is suitable for you.

Next, we will select the right implant that is suited to your anatomy and personal goals. We will also perform pre-operative testing and laboratory exams to ensure the safety of the procedure. Finally, our certified anesthesia providers will talk to you about the best anesthesia option.

Anesthesia and Incisions

Chin augmentation can be performed under local anesthesia, oral sedation, or IV sedation. We will prescribe antibiotics before your surgery. After the anesthesia has taken effect, we will make small incisions hidden under the chin.

Next, implants are placed on the front chin. Depending on your needs, we can extend the implant to improve your jawline. The procedure can take one to three hours.

Minimal Recovery Time

You can expect a minimal recovery period that lasts for about one week after the surgery. You can return to work and resume normal daily activities around the one-week mark. By resting well in the first few days after the surgery, you’ll be able to resume your daily routine within the same week.

Natural-Looking Results

Chin implants are designed to provide permanent and natural-looking results. We know that it matters for you to see that your appearance has been balanced and enhanced but not altered. After the recovery period, you should not feel the implant. Instead, it should look and feel like natural bone.

We use implants that are made from biocompatible materials. Each implant is fitted tightly around the jawbone and molded to suit your facial structure. Because chin implants come in multiple sizes and shapes, you can expect us to address your personal goals and customize the procedure to give you a unique yet natural result.

Enhance Your Facial Profile and Feel Your Best

Your facial features will represent your identity for a long time. Do you want to feel more confident and pleased with the balance and symmetry among your facial features? When it comes to defining your jawline and framing the lower portion of your face, you can rely on a chin augmentation performed by our expert surgeons to change your outlook on life. Contact us at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA to schedule your consultation today.

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