How Long Does It Take Before I Will See Results From SmartLipo?

It can seem like there is a body contouring treatment for every occasion and body type, but what sets a treatment apart from another? When patients are weighing the pros and cons of different body contouring and fat reduction treatments, then one of the key factors they might be looking at is how quickly they will be able to see results. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA we are happy to help patients find the body contouring treatment that produces the best results for their individual needs, such as SmartLipo.

When Are SmartLipo Results Noticeable?

As a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the results from this treatment tend to vary from patient to patient. However, the one thing that remains consistent with this treatment is how quickly patients can enjoy results. For this treatment, there are three different stages for results, including immediate results, gradual results, and the full results of the treatment. Let’s break those stages down:


The immediate results are what patients notice during the first few days after treatment. Even while you are recovering, the immediate results will be noticeable. In the first one to seven days after treatment, patients will see an immediate reduction of unwanted fat on the body. The immediate results are the first step of the recovery process and will improve over time.


As the body adjusts from the procedure, patients will begin to notice a gradual improvement in the results of the treatment. The gradual results will include a further slimming effect, particularly around areas where the unwanted fat has been removed. Patients enjoy the gradual results about three to four months after treatment is completed.


The full results of this treatment settle after an average of seven to nine months after treatment. Because of the nature of this treatment, the full results take nearly a year to settle in the body, so patients are encouraged to have patience while the body continues to adjust to the fat reduction and contouring. Depending on the amount of fat removed and the patient’s overall body composition, full results from the treatment can be seen as soon as six months after the procedure or as long as 12.

How quickly patients can enjoy the full benefits and results of this treatment depends on how well they follow the recommended recovery guidelines, which will include instructions on how to manage activities and how long patients should wear compression garments. Following the guidelines we provide to patients is essential for achieving optimal results.

Are Results Permanent?

Yes, they can be. The results of this treatment are typically permanent for patients, or at the very least last for five years or more. The results of this treatment are usually permanent because of the type of unwanted fat that is removed and because patients who seek this treatment are prepared to commit to lifestyle habits that maintain results. The permanency of results depends on the patient and their individual choices.

What Can Extend Results?

If the results of this treatment depend on the patient, is there any way to extend results so that they last as long as possible? Of course. There are three main ways that patients can extend the results of this treatment, including:


Patient lifestyle choices are very important for maintaining the results of this treatment. For example, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco in moderation help take care of the body as well as create an environment in the body where it is hard for unwanted fat to develop. Other lifestyle choices can include managing stress, which can cause an unstable metabolism leading to weight gain, and maintaining a regular exercise routine.


Weight management is the most obvious way to extend the results of this treatment. Excessive or extreme weight gain will instantly undo all the work accomplished by the procedure. Just because fat is removed from the body doesn’t mean that fat won’t come back, especially as fat is used for energy storage for body cells. Managing weight includes eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and understanding which prescription medications can cause weight gain.

Family Planning

For women, one of the key factors in maintaining the results of this treatment concerns pregnancy. We recommend patients wait until they are done with their family planning to have this treatment, as pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding will all contribute to body changes that will undo the work of this treatment. Patients can speak with their primary care physician about their family planning before perusing this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Treatment Require Anesthesia?

This is an outpatient procedure, which means that it will be performed at a hospital or other surgery location. This procedure will require the use of sedation to keep patients comfortable for the duration of the surgery. We offer our patients an option of three different techniques, including local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and sedation or some combination of the three. The difference between local and general anesthesia is the patient’s level of awareness during the surgery, while sedation is a state of being relaxed but not fully aware.

What Is Recovery Like?

The recovery time for this treatment is about three to six weeks, after which patients can return to the full extent of their daily activities. During your recovery, you will be encouraged to continue light exercise such as walking, and you will be allowed to return to work as soon as three to five days after surgery. Your recovery will require the use of compression garments, which will apply pressure to the treatment areas and encourage the body to heal into a specific shape.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Yes, this is a safe treatment. SmartLipo is approved by the FDA for the reduction of fat in multiple areas of the body, particularly the stomach. FDA clearance of a surgical technique means that clinical trials have found that the treatment produces the intended results and does not cause harm to the patient. FDA approval also includes clinical studies that test the efficacy and longevity of the treatment.

Why Is SmartLipo Better Than Traditional Liposuction?

Most plastic surgeons consider this treatment superior when compared to traditional liposuction. Why? There are a few reasons, and one of the main draws is the fact that this treatment is less risky and less painful for the patient.

Another reason to prefer this treatment is that it is less invasive, which means it can be used on more areas of the body, including areas that are difficult to treat with traditional liposuction. The final reason this treatment is superior is that it produces natural-looking results as opposed to the lumpiness that is associated with traditional liposuction.

What Are SmartLipo Benefits?

There are several benefits to this treatment that are appealing to prospective patients. When compared to many other fat reduction treatments, both surgical and non-surgical alike, the benefits of this treatment always come out on top. Here are a few of the main benefits:


This treatment produces natural-looking results, which means that the appearance of the treatment site will be smooth after treatment. This is because of the technique involved in this treatment, which includes the melting of surrounding fat cells. When the fat is dissolved and removed, any leftover fat is able to sit more smoothly under the surface of the skin. In other words, this technique produces results that appear as natural as regular weight loss.

Precise and Versatile

Because of the thin cannula used for treatment, this surgery is able to reach precise areas of the body that cannot be treated with traditional liposuction. This treatment also allows for the precise removal of unwanted fat in even the smallest areas of the body. And unlike traditional liposuction, this treatment can be used on multiple areas of the body, including:

  • Jaw and chin
  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Hips or love handles
  • Thighs


Less Downtime and Less Pain

This is a treatment that has less downtime. Because this surgery uses a minimally invasive technique, the patient’s overall recovery time is twice as quick as with traditional liposuction, meaning patients can resume most normal daily activities within one month of treatment. This technique also causes less trauma to the body, which means less pain for the patient and fewer side effects like bruising, bleeding, or soreness.

Can SmartLipo Treatments Be Combined?

This is a treatment that can be easily combined with other cosmetic body contouring treatments. If any patient wants to combine this procedure with another cosmetic treatment, please speak with our staff about creating a treatment plan that addresses all appearance concerns. Some common treatments that are combined with this procedure include:

Skin Tightening

A skin tightening treatment is typically an energy-based treatment that lifts and tightens the skin on the face or body. Skin tightening treatments are used to correct skin laxity, particularly on the neck, breasts, and stomach. Skin tightening treatments can help patients tighten loose skin that is associated with weight loss.

Skin Resurfacing

A skin resurfacing treatment is any cosmetic treatment that addresses superficial skin concerns, such as scarring, uneven skin tone, dark spots, or other blemishes on the skin surface. On the body, skin resurfacing treatments are most commonly used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or other scars, as well as sun damage or dark spots associated with aging.

Fat Reduction

Fat reduction treatments are energy-based treatments that are not invasive and do not require surgery, such as treatments that help smooth the appearance of leftover fat from liposuction. Fat reduction treatments can help redistribute fat on the body and contour fat on the body to appear a certain way. For example, it is common to use fat reduction on the cheeks or on the breasts to change the shape of how fat deposits are shaped. Another common used for fat reduction is smoothing the appearance of cellulite, particularly on the thighs.

Who Are Good Candidates?

There are many patients who would make good candidates for this treatment. All patients must attend a consultation appointment to determine qualification for this treatment. Qualified candidates include those who have no health problems, who are willing to commit to lifestyle choices, and who have an appropriate ratio of unwanted fat on the body. Patients may be good candidates if they want to:

  • Remove unwanted fat
  • Reduce fat
  • Smooth appearance of fat
  • Tighten and contour body shape


Restore Your Confidence With SmartLipo!

If you’re a patient looking for a fat reduction and body contouring treatment that produces reliably fast results, then this treatment should be one of your top considerations. Restoring your confidence has never been easier with this minimally invasive procedure! If you think you might be a qualified patient for SmartLipo, please contact Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marietta, GA to schedule your consultation today!

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