How Long Does a Breast Fat Transfer Take?

If you want to enhance your breasts but don’t want to undergo a traditional breast augmentation that uses an implant to do so, we want to introduce you to a breast fat transfer. At Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, GA, we offer this procedure for patients who desire a subtle and natural enhancement.

This procedure allows you to enhance your breasts by removing unwanted fat cells from one of your problem areas. You’ll achieve fuller, natural-looking fuller breasts, and it won’t require anything synthetic.

How Long Does a Breast Fat Transfer Take?

When you undergo a breast at transfer, the entire procedure lasts anywhere from four to six hours. This procedure takes place over the course of several different steps.

It involves harvesting the fat cells from a donor site, carefully preparing those fat cells into an injectable form, and then strategically and slowly injecting the fat cells back into the breasts to create the most natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. By the end of your procedure, you will be able to experience natural-looking breasts that will last indefinitely.

What Exactly Is a Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer is a procedure that removes fat cells from a donor site which is typically an area with unwanted fat. This step uses liposuction and is followed by carefully preparing those fat cells so that they can be re-injected into an area that requires augmentation and increased fullness for an approved appearance.

This type of procedure can be used to enhance different areas of the body, including the face, the buttocks, and the breasts. A breast fat transfer specifically improves the aesthetics of the breasts and adds fullness to the area without using an implant.

How Does It Work?

Your Initial Consultation

This procedure begins with a consultation. Once we evaluate your aesthetic goals, we will determine where you want to eliminate excess fat. That site will be called your donor site, and we will harvest fat cells from that site to re-insert into your breasts.

The most common donor sites include the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. However, if you have a specific area from which you want to remove excess fat to contour and improve your appearance, you can discuss it with one of our experts during your initial consultation.

Determining if This Procedure Is Right for You

Once our experts evaluate your areas of concern and listen to your aesthetic goals, they will determine if this procedure is right for you. They will learn more about your medical history and discuss your ultimate goals.

Once we confirm that this is the right procedure for you, we can schedule your appointment. One of the best parts about this particular procedure is that it doesn’t require significant downtime or a lengthy recovery period. You’ll be able to go about your normal routine relatively quickly after your procedure is complete.

Designing Your Treatment Plan

After we confirm that this procedure is right for you during your initial consultation, we will create your treatment plan. Your treatment plan is important because it will describe the area you want to use as the harvest site so that our surgeon knows exactly how to best perform your unique procedure.

Your Procedure

The procedure begins with liposuction to remove the unwanted fat cells from the donor site. Once the fat cells are harvested, they will be carefully examined and prepared. Only healthy fat cells will be used during the injection process, so you can rest assured that you will achieve the best results once your procedure is over.

Once the grafted fat is prepared, it will be strategically injected to create increased fullness in your breasts. The re-injection process is a slow and precise process intended to help you achieve the best results. With the breast fat transfer, you will be able to achieve fuller breasts after your procedure, and you will be able to improve a problem area simultaneously.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Most patients who undergo this procedure well maintain 60% to 80% of the fat transfer to the area. The best way to ensure that you achieve the best possible results is to follow all of your aftercare and post-surgical directives. You will be provided with instructions that will help your breasts heal and allow the fat to adhere to its new location.

Will Anything Affect My Results?

This procedure can improve the appearance of your breasts, but it cannot stop the aging process or gravity’s effects on the breasts. The natural aging process and significant weight fluctuations will negatively impact your results. Staying within a normal weight range and avoiding significant weight loss will help you maintain your results indefinitely. Understanding the benefits, advantages, and limitations of this procedure will help you achieve the best possible results.

When Will I See Results?

You will notice an initial improvement in the appearance of your breasts after your procedure is complete. However, your results will continue to improve as the transplanted fat cells settle into the new permanent location. We can provide you with more information about when to expect results during your initial consultation at our office.

The Benefits of a Breast Fat Transfer

If you want to enhance your breasts and achieve a natural-looking fullness, you’ll achieve exactly that once you undergo this procedure. You can reach your aesthetic goals without the use of an implant and, you’ll be able to eliminate an area with excess fat and achieve a more defined and contoured physique. If you have an area with excess body fat, you can address it during this procedure and use those same unwanted fat cells to enhance your breasts.

Long-Lasting Results

Once you undergo this procedure, you will not only achieve natural results, but you will achieve long-lasting results. You won’t have to undergo any type of maintenance procedures to upkeep your results, as many women must do after getting implants. Instead, you will achieve permanent results and fuller breasts that will last indefinitely.

A Low-Risk Procedure

Another one of the benefits of this type of augmentation is that it is not only minimally invasive but also low risk. It doesn’t involve the same surgical preparation or procedures as a typical breast augmentation does. You won’t have a serious recovery time but instead will be able to get back to your everyday routine and enjoy your results much sooner than you would with a traditional augmentation with an implant.

Am I a Candidate?

If you have an ample amount of fat that can be harvested from a problem area on your body that can be removed and re-injected to augment your breasts, you may be a good candidate for a breast fat transfer. If you don’t want to undergo a standard breast augmentation that uses an implant to improve the size, shape, and proportions of your breasts, or you do not qualify for such a procedure, you may qualify for a breast fat transfer instead.

Treating Two Body Areas at the Same Time

This procedure delivers natural results, and women often schedule it because they want to use their own fat cells to augment their breasts. Additionally, those who prefer natural methods to improve certain areas of the body and are willing to undergo liposuction in one area to improve the appearance of their breasts make good candidates.

The Importance of Understanding the Procedure

Women who have realistic expectations about the procedure and are not looking to significantly increase the size of their breasts but instead want a subtle size increase make the best candidates for this procedure. Additionally, it’s important that you have enough fat cells in your donor site and do not have a family history of breast cancer.

Understanding the details of the procedure is the best way to learn about everything that it entails. It will also help prepare you so that you know exactly what to expect and can walk into this process with complete confidence and realistic expectations. As always, an initial consultation is the best way to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

Achieve Fuller Breasts the Natural Way

Natural, fuller breasts are within your reach, and with his procedure, you’ll also be able to improve a problem area at the same time. If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of a breast fat transfer, our experienced team is ready and willing to help you reach all of your aesthetic goals. Contact us today at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta, GA, to learn more about this aesthetic procedure and to schedule your initial consultation at our office.

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