How a Nipple Sparing Mastectomy May Save Your Life

Whether or not you have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may already be at an increased risk and not even know it. It may surprise you to learn that a rising number of women are taking a proactive approach to their breast health by having a voluntary double mastectomy paired with a reconstructive procedure known as a nipple sparing mastectomy. Today, we are taking a closer look at this potentially life-saving procedure and why so many are choosing it.

A Proactive Approach to Breast Health

So, why would a woman with healthy breasts choose to undergo a mastectomy? For those at an elevated risk of breast cancer, a procedure after a diagnosis may be too late. Certain breast cancer types can be particularly aggressive and metastasize in other parts of the body even after a mastectomy and other treatments such as chemotherapy. A double mastectomy is a proactive way to virtually eliminate your breast cancer risk. For patients who have been screened for the BCRA gene, this advanced warning of the potential for breast cancer may do more to save a woman’s life than a lifetime of breast self-exams and mammograms. While this may seem like a drastic decision, women who have lost a loved one to breast cancer and know of their elevated risk may wish to consider this voluntary life-saving measure.

Advances in Reconstructive Surgery for Mastectomy Patients

One of the concerns of a woman who is undergoing a mastectomy is that her breasts may never look the same again. Even some reconstructive efforts in the past have only created a vaguely breast-like prosthesis that has not been much help in making the patient comfortable with her post-surgical body. However, recent advances in reconstructive surgical technology have made it possible to not only restore the breast but ensure that it can look as good as it would have had the patient undergone a breast augmentation procedure.

Are you considering a voluntary mastectomy procedure or a reconstructive surgery? Learn more about a nipple sparing mastectomy procedure performed by Dr. Okoro at Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Atlanta or Marietta.

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