Fight Cellulite with Cellulaze™

Cellulite is a real problem for many people. It has many causes, and most of them are beyond the control of the person afflicted with it. The lumpy appearance of fat in the buttocks and thighs is actually a structural problem, one that cannot be treated through improved diet alone.

Cellulite afflicts most women, appearing soon after puberty. A large percentage of men also suffer from this condition. The uneven skin is covering a redistribution of fat. This fat is deposited in clumps, but just lowering the fat intake will not solve the problem. Cellulaze™ is a new treatment that actually cuts through the bands of fiber supporting the fat deposits.

What Makes Cellulaze Treatment Unique

Most of the topical creams and ointments recommended by physicians and dermal therapists work to soften the skin and change the molecular structure of the underlying fibers. This treatment is usually temporary, and the body responds by depositing and storing fat in other areas. The Cellulaze™ treatment is a minimally invasive procedure using a specialized laser. The laser directs heat to a specified point underneath the skin.

This laser device is actually a tube that is inserted underneath the skin. The laser heats up, and most of the fat is melted away. At the same time, the heat begins to soften the fiber bands that have pulled the skin into an unsightly shape, the visual symptom of cellulite.

In other words, Cellulaze treatment addresses the true cause of lumpy skin. It treats the biological structures that cause cellulite to form.

What to Expect

Patients who have elected to have this treatment performed generally report a significant improvement in their appearance almost immediately. The lumpiness continues to fade over the next few months. Research and statistics gathering on a large number of patients indicate that only one treatment is needed every 12-24 months.

The procedure is performed under a local anesthesia, and patients report feeling very little discomfort while the laser is in operation. The sensation is somewhat similar to being pricked with a toothpick. Some light bruising and swelling in some of the treated areas is normal, but this usually disappears in just one or two days. The patient can resume normal activities the day after Cellulaze™ treatment is performed.

Increase in Collagen Production

The heat treatments using a laser tube actually encourage the production of collagen. The skin is smoother after treatment, and the production of collagen enhances the skin’s appearance even more. The lumpiness is gone, and the entire surface of the skin is suppler.

Candidates for Cellulaze™ Treatment

Anyone who is moderately overweight and has uneven skin in the hips, buttocks, or thighs is a candidate for this procedure. Extremely overweight individuals may have cellulite in these areas, but are more likely to have their appearance improved with liposuction instead. Cellulite is generally a problem for those who have difficulty getting rid of excess fat and who have pronounced structural fiber bands just below the skin.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’re struggling with cellulite, Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can help. We offer many different body contouring treatments – both surgical and non-surgical – to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We provide Cellulaze™ treatments to help you get rid of cellulite in trouble zones like the thighs and buttocks. If you’re interested in Cellulaze™ contact Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to schedule your consultation.

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