Daddy Makeover

With the increase exposure of cosmetic surgery in Atlanta, men are becoming more accepting of male cosmetic plastic surgery.

They feel the need to look youthful and look as good as their female counterpart. Many men want to change the things they don’t like to see in the mirror. Men want to change their image. Makeover is not only for the mommy. Daddy also want and need makeover.


Daddy makeover in Atlanta is cosmetic plastic surgery for men who want to look and feel good. Cosmetic surgery procedures for men can give men a thinner waist, fewer wrinkles and increased overall body confidence.

In our Atlanta office, the most common male cosmetic procedures are

Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia correction

For a firmer, flatter, more contoured chest, in turn boosting your self-confidence.

Liposuction (Laser liposuction with SmartLipo)

To sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas

Tummy tuck for men ( Abdominoplasty for men)

Removes excess or loose skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen

Dr. Okoro can evaluate your specific needs to determine the best approach for you. Take the first step towards feeling better about your body. Contact us to learn more about daddy makeover. Dr. Okoro is an expert in male cosmetic plastic surgery.

If you would like to learn more about our Atlanta area plastic surgery for men, please call us or email us today! Our Atlanta based practice offers liposuction, tummy tuck, facial surgery, and skin rejuvenation procedures specifically tailored to men. Your confidentiality is guaranteed!

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