CryoShape Keloid Scar Treatment

Cryoshape is an FDA approved hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying keloid scar using an extremely cold cryoprobe.  It treats keloid scar from the inside out. Cryoshape keloid scar treatment is the cool solution to keloid scar.

Unlike other procedures for keloid scar, CryoShape™ requires only ONE session to significantly reduce scar. There is minimal discomfort and recovery and no pigmentation changes of the surrounding skin. Other keloid treatment options require several treatments over a prolonged time with modest success rates (pressure therapy and topical applications of silicones, gels and other adhesives), present risk of skin atrophy and scar depression (steroid injections), or extremely high risk of recurrence.

The keloid is numbed before before insertion of the needle. The single-needle insertion procedure is simple to perform, performed using a local anesthetic, allows minimal pigmentation changes, and virtually no risk of worsening the scar. In more than 97% of the cases performed, no scar recurrence was observed.

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