Cellulaze Cost

The cost of Cellulite in Atlanta varies widely. The experience of the surgeons that provide the service also varies widely. If you are looking for excellent Cellulaze treatment, its better to search for an experienced plastic surgeon trained in Cellulaze treatment. Providers who have less experience tend to charge less for Cellulaze treatment.

The Cellulaze cost in our office starts at $3999 per area in both legs, thighs or buttocks. The Cellulaze cost for a second area is discounted to $2999 per area on both sides. The third area is $1999. Our fees are all inclusive.

Our fee includes the following – Preoperative visit, Cellulaze procedure, postoperative office visits, compression garment, 2 sessions of Lymphatic massage with SmoothShapes, 4 sessions of small Laser hair removal, medications, and usual preoperative labs

What is an area?

We consider an area as the same area in both thigh or buttocks. For example the sides of the thighs in both thighs.

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